Terkel in trouble

I feel really bad for people not knowing this movie. This is a cinematic masterpiece. And I’m sure all of you are like “omg this movie is so hateful and only encourages hate” and you’re probably going to hate this, but it’s hilarious. All the characters are voices by this one comedian called Anders Matthesen, and he’s awesome.  This movie has been banned from schools because of the language and morale of the story, but I could highly recommend it. Directly translated it’s called “Terkel in trouble”. Seriously. Go watch it. Right now.  


I just realized that there’s a lot of triggers in this movie, so if you get triggered easily don’t watch this. 


So this was one of my favorite movies as a kid, no wonder Im so fucked up.. lol 

The danish version is much better tho.. But I’m posting the english trailer, so you can understand what they’re saying :D 

Watch on evelinathoren.tumblr.com

terkel in trouble.

kayla have you seen this?



Denmark’s first fully computer-animated feature, Terkel In Trouble is based on a children’s radio series. But Hans Christian Andersen it isn’t - more South Park relocated to Copenhagen with a bit of Brick thrown in.

Harassed by bullies and ignored by his parents, nerdy Terkel just wants to get by, even at the cost of driving his sole admirer, Fat Doris, to suicide. But after receiving mysterious death threats, he’s not sure whether he can trust his iron-pipe-wielding friend Jason, his teacher or his alcoholic Uncle Stewart.

Politically incorrect and bloody, TIT combines playground humour, horror pastiche and hilarious song-and-dance numbers into foul-mouthed spectacle. It’s brilliantly re-scripted into English by Wallace & Gromit’s Mark Burton, and is voiced by the likes of Bill Bailey, Johnny Vegas and Adrian Edmondson, with Toby voicing the teacher Jason. 

Although it didn’t receive its cinema release until 2006, it was made in 2004 and therefore is included in that year’s summary of Toby activity.