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Here are all the songs that have been asked before I have begun putting the songs in the tags (feel free to ask if you don’t see one you’re looking for anywhere)


   She Knows by Ne-yo

   Or Nah - Somo

   No Hands - Waka Flocka

   Sure Thing (Phazz Remix) - Miguel

   Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) - Daughter

   Throw Sum Mo (Rendition) - SoMo

   Disturbia Radioactive Mashup

   Мурашки - Дима Карташов

   Roll It Up - Venture

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Teriyaki Boy, NYC

Welcome to New York City’s newest “secret spot”…

Many New Yorkers may remember Teriyaki Boy as the fast food chain that sold Japanese-inspired bento boxes for lunch around Midtown. They were always good to have close by when you needed lunch in a pinch. Then last year, almost out of the blue, Teriyaki Boy closed all five of their locations and it looked like they were gone for good.

But they’re back!

Teriyaki Boy recently opened a single new location on East 45th St. with a different look and mission statement. This small shop now has a full kitchen and an actual chef, creating a new menu of made-to-order bento boxes at lunch from noon to 3pm. No more California rolls made at a factory in Jersey the night before!

However, the bigger difference here now is that this Teriyaki Boy reopens at night, rearranging the furniture and turning itself into a “tachinomi”, which is a standing-only bar with a limited food menu, a popular concept in Japan….

Geared towards convenience, a “tachinomi” is meant to be a casual place where business men and women can grab a quick drink and bite to eat before their long commutes home. 

Teriyaki Boy is doing just that, offering a selection of yakitori skewers as well as a few salads and “otsumami” snacks. Here’s a look…

In addition to a set menu of various grilled chicken parts, Teriyaki Boy offers a number of daily specials, like these “sukiyaki” skewers of vegetables wrapped in beef…

Served with a raw egg for dipping, which is traditional in Japan…

Burdock root and peppers wrapped in bacon, served with mentainko mayonnaise…

Chicken skin in ponzu sauce…

Blue cheese-studded potato salad…

Onion salad with dried fish and Japanese vinaigrette…

And their self-proclaimed “Addictive Salty Cabbage”…

Which is definitely addictive! Damn, it is so good. We ordered a second bowl as we gobbled up the first as soon as it hit the table!!

Teriyaki Boy offer a single variety of house sake, which changes when the bottle runs dry, and big, ice-cold mugs of Asahi Super Dry on draft.

Tip is included in all their prices.

Open from 5pm - 11pm, I’d say about 20-25 people can fit into Teriyaki Boy at their communal tables at any given time. But as it’s a standing bar with a quick turnaround as people down their drinks and depart, there are usually no lines.

With its laid back atmosphere and authentic izakaya eats, I really felt like I was back in Japan once we stepped in and stood around Teriyaki Boy.


301-305 E. 45th St.

NY, NY 10017



Yes, this post is late, but I still have the concert hangover!

Last May 8, we were on the way to Pasay around 4 pm already, too excited, of course. 

As we expected the parking was very full at Smx, plus a lot of people were wearing Aerosmith shirts with the logo and the band in the picture. My parents were wearing black because of course it’s a Rock & Roll concert. 
We ate at Teriyaki Boy and everything we ordered there was sooo good. I was too hungry to take a picture of the others so I shoved my face into the food already. A group of people that came after us was making a scene, he was just behind our table and he was getting mad at the waiter because 3 of the orders he wanted wasn’t available. And then when the manager was saying sorry, he said he didn’t like sorrys because it’s the restaurant’s fault and his voice was echoing all over the whole place. My parents, especially my mom was so pissed she kept making comments (loud ones), because the guy thought he was so high and his “friends” were wearing ashamed faces already. Me and my dad didn’t want to let a person like that ruin our early dinner so I kept singing to myself and then my dad was frantic because there was a celebrity on the other side and my dad always listens to him but I didn’t quite catch the host’s name. Hahahah.

So on our way to the bridge, we just kept taking photos. Here was “The Eye”. :) MoA arena here we come. Woohoo.

Okay so here’s the part where there’s going to be some very grainy & dark & somewhat blurry photos because we’re not allowed to bring dslr or normal cameras, just phones, or else you have to leave it.

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Dinner Date with Birthday Boy <3

My hardworking boyfriend has work on his special day so I insisted that we meet at Gateway to treat him something. Initial plan was to get us a full body massage but he told me and it was really obvious that he’s super tired so we just settled to have dinner at Teriyaki Boy.

I bought him a cake from Breadtalk and cheese floss for myself. I love Breadtalk’s cheese floss forever!

Happy birthday, love! I love you!