female characters meme: [3/5] deserve better | Teresa Agnes

“I remember remembering,” she muttered, sitting down with a heavy sigh; she pulled her legs up to wrap her arms around her knees. “Feelings. Emotions. Like I have all these shelves in my head, labeled for memories and faces, but they’re empty. As if everything before this is just on the other side of a white curtain. Including you.”

Why The Maze Runner series are great and should be read by everyone
  • Many many many different nationalities of characters
  • No gender is superior
  • A mentally ill leading character
  • Romance is not a major plotline, yet we still see the importance of love
  • Girls are bold and strong AND have emotions and cry because that’s realistic
  • Self-found family
  • No villains – everyone is fighting for what they think is right and everyone has a backstory (again, realistic)
  • Funny, heartwarming, inspirational and heartbreaking at the same time
  • Every ship is real
  • Sassy assholes
  • Doesn’t get boring
  • The protagonist looks like fried liver on a stick.
  • Boys helping boys and girls protecting girls
  •  Also set in the future
  • People die
  • All characters are realistic teenagers who run out of breath, get scared, eat a lot and stink
  • Girl is respected and safe despite being the only one in a camp with all boys
  • The protagonist is gay with his best friend, the author agrees
The Maze Runner series: Teresa Agnes [ENTJ]


*Potential spoilers below*

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Teresa automatically takes charge of situations and assumes leadership positions easily, which is especially apparent in Fever Code and Scorch Trials. In conversations she likes to cut directly to the point (“There’s a lot of stuff to explain, so from now on just keep quiet and listen. Got it?” - Scorch Trials). WICKED selects her to learn computer systems and programming once they see her aptitude for learning complex systems quickly. Teresa is methodical about following steps, and is usually the first to come up with plans of action. She doesn’t like when someone gets in the way of her goals, and is frustrated when people don’t play their part towards WICKED’s objective. Teresa doesn’t understand why Thomas isn’t willing to make the same sacrifices or why he reacts so harshly to her after she pretends to betray him as part of WICKED’s plan. She very rarely attempts to understand him, or anyone who doesn’t agree that following WICKED’s instructions is the right thing for everyone.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Teresa reads quickly between the lines of a situation and makes connections between seemingly unrelated points of data with ease. Everything she does is for a big-picture goal: find a cure for the Flare and save countless lives, even if it requires a few deaths or a sacrifice of morality. Teresa continually ignores evidence that throws WICKED’s intent into question (such as WICKED having ties to the original release of the Flare) in favor of focusing purely on what achieves the goal of finding a cure (“How is dwelling on the past going to help anybody? The solution is what matters” – Fever Code). Teresa betrays her closest friend’s trust multiple times and conceals information from him in order to save his life in the long run, knowing she would lose their relationship (“Saving you was worth losing what we might’ve had.” – Scorch Trials).

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Teresa thinks quickly in fast-paced situations and picks up new skills rapidly. She can act impulsively and recklessly at times (“No, we rush them. Why put it off? The four of us can take these two easily.” – Fever Code). She’s okay with being the first to go through the Griever Hole in Maze Runner and doesn’t hesitate to jump off the ‘cliff’ and into the unknown. Teresa isn’t afraid of physical confrontations or taking risks, and is good at defending herself; she fights off Jeff in Maze Runner and is one of the first to kill a lightbulb monster in Scorch Trials, to name a few instances.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Teresa believes so strongly in her cause that she is willing to make sacrifices to achieve the end result, because in her mind saving thousands of people over a handful of her friends is the right thing. In Fever Code she’s immediately willing to kill WICKED officers who have the Flare, knowing that they will jeopardize the ‘mission’ and doing this will ‘secure’ their goal (“it’s be tough now, or everyone dies later”). Even as she reaffirms her belief in the greater good throughout the books, she is always torn up inside over what she is doing. While not regretting her choices, she continually shows guilt over them, guilt she deals with by reminding herself of what she’s trying to achieve. Teresa’s desire to save the lives of those infected by the Flare comes from remembering her own childhood, growing up surrounded by people suffering from the trauma inflicted by the Flare. Her experience shapes her worldview and causes her to fight strongly for finding the cure, no matter the cost.

Note: Book typing, I haven’t seen the movies recently enough to be certain that her type is the same in both the books and the movies.


Do you remember your mother? I remember mine. 

There are millions of people suffering out there. Millions of stories just like mine. We can’t turn our backs on them. I won’t. […] I want you to understand.  Why I did it.

thomas would be dead if it wasn’t for teresa and y'all keep calling her “betrayer” just because she did what she had to do for save the boy she loves, her best friend, and then she literally DIED for him, so he can live and be happy after all the pain, but yeah, teresa is the villain who never cared about thomas.

and if you are gonna tell me “she betrayed him in the fever code!!!” i need u to remember all the things that she lived in the kill order, obviously she’s gonna believe in wicked and believe in a cure but she’s not a fucking villain.

she wanted to saved everyone, she wanted thomas’s happiness, she wanted the flare’s cure. 

she didn’t know that the cure doesn’t existed.

y'all need to understand teresa before criticize her.