Twitter wants you to know about Mother Teresa’s problematic legacy now that she’s been named a saint

To be officially confirmed as a saint, there must be at least two bona fide miracles that can be attributed to the person after death. The church often brings in the voices of skeptics such as Hitchens during the process to play devil’s advocate. And those skeptics have a lot to say.

  • me:*watches the scorch trials*
  • the scorch trials:says rat man's real name in the first two seconds
  • the scorch trials:more than just two maze groups
  • the scorch trials:aris in an airvent
  • the scorch trials:WICKED needs blood
  • the scorch trials:cranks are actually zombies duh
  • the scorch trials:nobody besides Thomas has any lines that aren't just filler
  • the scorch trials:Jorge's favorite song
  • the scorch trials:"shit" is vocab word of the year
  • the scorch trials:gets rid of depth in Teresa's character
  • the scorch trials:the Right Arm
  • the scorch trials:no Thomas in a sack??
  • me:I don't know what I just watched im clearly in the wrong theatre