Back at it again with the alt leveling! Meet Courteous and Impolite!
Nine and her sister decided to make some more alts to level because her sister is starting school holidays soon and she’ll have more time to play. 
The adventure continues with trying to find a class that she actually enjoys playing!

Courteous is her sister’s character, named it that to match Nine’s priest, since its a mystic! And Impolite belongs too Nine, her future wannabe-tank. 
Its going to be fun teaching her sister how to heal, going to be really putting her to the test because Nine cannot warrior for shit. 

So far she says it seems easy. Oh how little does she know…

Hi friends of the tera tag.
Nine feels like doing some scribbles. Reblog with an image of your character(s) and she might scribble something up!

As Nine is doing this for free, please dont be angry if you don’t get anything. She’s doing this to relieve some stress and she doesn’t owe you anything. <3