Cuando mueres

- Abuelo, ¿Qué pasa cuando se mueren las personas? - dije balanceándome en un sólo pie, con una voz muy tímida.
El abuelo tomó mi hombro y respondió:
-Cuando mueres, los matasanos se limitan a dar una explicación científica, que dice algo así: ha muerto, porque su corazón ha dejado de latir. No es que aquel corazón hueco, por la presión de los años, dejará de latir; lo que ha sucedido aquí es que su alma se ha desencadenado de ese mórbido saco de huesos y se ha librado del cautiverio.
Tragué saliva y le pregunté:
- Abuelo, ¿Los muertos son malos?
Y el abuelo sonriendo respondió:
-Teo, ¿Acaso yo soy malo?



A bunch of palette challenges I decide to doooo

because I can’t do palettes and I need practice cough

The first skele belongs to me

Palette belongs to @angexci

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Teo belongs to @momoishy


I have a feeling the plot of this game is about you know, sweet and funny chats but somehow with the scary pics showing in the game, i think it’s not horror but kidnapping and stalker based stories.

Still in day 6 but i feel like this pictures that cheritz created in this game is trying to show what game this truly is. Slowly but surely, it will reveal it’s story soon enough.

But in a sense, there was this guy.

Idk whether it’s the same guy but both look like wearing suit and tie! And in Mysme , the only people wearing suit and tie is Jumin and his bodyguards. But not sure whether both games are connected.

This game could also lead a paranormal theme , or say tragic genre. If a person can see ghosts or someone who aren’t suppose to be there, it could be that Teo and You are in a near-death experience within this game. Probably this is like the after life. The game started when Teo was in a hospital, probably he died there and this is his soul talking to you. He also talk to other patients who are curious (the kids), devastated (Mr.Kim and his turtle) and in love (love letter). Some ghosts want to experience some things that they couldn’t when they are dead. But this is my speculation.

But i feel like this game will have a lot of drama on stalker and kidnapping plot. But if it’s not then it could be just a daily chat like normal people.

Thats all.

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