Tenzin's kids

what the FUCK legend of Korra???? seriously, Making her LIKE him? oh my GOD. ok, ok listen to me, i don’t mind Mako really i don’t, even though Bolin has shown that he’s infinitly more interesting in like the fucking 10 minutes of screen time he got. but making korra who i respected as a character UP TILL NOW, like the tough, quiet, jerky ass fuckface “cool cause he’s kinda dark” guy is not only rediculously predictable, but just down right dissapointing. there…there better be more than this and im just overreacting.

P.S. Tenzin’s kids are still cute as fuck.

The Legend of Korra : Tenzin's Kids

Jinora :Can we see where Grandpa Aang was born?

Meelo: How many lemurs can I have?

Ikki: I wanna get tattoos! But instead of arrows, I want lightning bolts!

Jinora: You can’t have lightning bolts. That doesn’t make any sense.

Ikki :You don’t make any sense!

Meelo:Fight fight fight!

- Preview from Book 2, Rebel Spirit.

I loved the Legend of Korra , what really made it was Jinora, Ikki, Meelo . They reminded me of a young Aang and each one of them representing their Grand father's characteristics. Jinora, Aang’s calm side. Ikki, his excitable side and  Meelo  his completely crazy side. I cant wait to see what personality Rohan has got. X