I think whats cool about LoK is that whenever you get a second show about the kids of the previous protagonist they’re always children, but in LoK’s case the “kids” were grown adults and we know their parents as kids. 

So, by learning more about the kids we learned more about the adult life of the parents and because we know the parents we can better understand the kids. 


The Legend of Korra “Cast”

Korra - Jennifer Lawrence

Mako - Sam Clafin

Bolin - Jim Sturgess

Lin Bei Fong - Tilda Swinton

Asami - Anne Hathaway

Tenzin - Bryan Cranston

Amon - Benedict Cumberbatch

Unalaq - Javier Bardem

Zaheer - Dave Bautista

Kuvira - Daisy Ridley

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Legends | All episodes | ATLA and TLOK

Two legends. Ten years. One hundred fourteen episodes. 2730 minutes. A million broken hearts.

Our gods.  Created by Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko.

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