“The Doctor hates shopping– going to the store, pushing a metal cart around, picking out various foods and other domestic-y items. It’s tedious at best– but when Rose comes with him, it turns into an adventure. Giggling as they run down the aisles and dodge the workers (who are only a /little/ upset that they knocked over one of the displays), they try to pick out the ripest bananas while avoiding the pears– and it’s just as fun as their old life of running from aliens and traveling through time.”

ficlet in the askbox by thedoctorlek

Doctor aka TenToo appreciation week :)

Sometimes he had nightmares.  He would cry out from his dreams, at times in tongues she couldn’t understand.  He would thrash, he would tremble, and his voice would choke.  Occasionally, he would weep, his sobs rocking his slim frame, erupting from deep within.  She was always there to draw him near, his arms clinging to her body as though he might just slip away forever if he had nothing to which he could take hold.  She stroked his hair and kissed his brow, never thinking him weak or less than what he was; only now, he was human, and no longer had to hide the sorrows that haunted him.  He didn’t have to face them alone.

TenToo Appreciation Week!

In collaboration with my good friend moonofpoosh, I am hosting a week of love for TenToo starting on his “birthday” the 5th of July. I want to give people enough time to plan what they want to do if they wish to contribute.

The purpose of this project is to spread love and happiness for our complicated man of time and space, and after 5 years of hate and negativity from the fandom I think he deserves an entire week of appreciation.

Anyone can be a part of TenToo Week! The main goal I have is to flood his tags with only positive things during this week. 

If you want to contribute these are some thing you can do:

Gifsets, Edits, Fanart, Fanfic (More on this later)


Simply state that you love him in the tags!

Since this is my project I do have some base rules for this, which are:

1. Please no naming him anything other than “The Doctor” for this. That’s his name, and for this project I’d like for naming him anything else to be avoided.

2. Minimal angst, please. No killing him, no splitting him and Rose up. This is a happy time! I’m sure they have had angst of course, and angst can be good too but I want mostly a happy vibe during this week :)

3. No bashing him, or saying he’s not the Doctor. That’s not what we’re here for now. Just here to love him for who he is.

Enough said.

4. Tag everything. “TenToo”, “TenToo x Rose” and of course “TenToo Appreciation Week”! which will be the tracked tag. (Remember that your post will only show on the first four tags so be careful!)

Now that that’s settled, back to contributing!

  • Like I said - I want everyone to feel like they can do something for this. I for one, cannot gif and I have come up with a huge list if gifset idea’s that I would love to see done, but can’t do myself. Some time this week Moon and I will release that list on the official blog (doctor-in-blue) for this project where we will be reblogging all of the wonderful stuff (we hope) you make from it!

Remember if you do decide to make an edit or gifset or an edit, please remember to tag it “dwedit” so more people can see it!

  • We are always in need of good TenToo/Rose fanfic and this would be a great time if you would like to write a little something. This is mainly where the minimal angst comes in. Any genre is welcome, one-shots or mulit-chaptered fics. Anything. If you have accounts on whofic, FF or livejournal please upload them onto there too <3
  • If you can art please make a thing.

I think that is all for now and if you have any questions please feel free to message me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Lets give our Metacrisis Doctor some love! See you in a month <3