I’m glad to see this idea is finally gaining more traction but I would like to put forward a list of reasons to bring back Doctor Who Confidential

  • Gave the writers and actors a chance to explain their character and story decisions
  • Demystifies the workings behind the TV process - gives screen times to the hundreds of talented people that never get enough credit for post production etc and teaches children about all the jobs they could get creating stories they love.
  • The random interludes where they give a quick montage of how they filmed a sequence in the episode overlaid with a contemporary pop track that is linked to what’s going on by 1 word (for example 2 tribes by Frankie goes to Hollywood played when they showed the behind the scenes of dales v cyber men)
  • Anthony Head’s narration
  • You just get the actor playing the doctor being hilarious for an extra 45 minutes after the episode and frankly I think @bbcamerica owes us that Jodie content

I’ve seen a lot of posts discussing how thirteen is the embodiment of what twelve asked her to be and do. “Laugh hard, run fast, be kind” Also talking about how Clara, missy and Bill changed her personality. And comparisons to 10. All true.

One thing I think is missing is something that is really similar to late stage 10 & 11. She is extremely polarized in her mannerisms. She is very kind to her companions calls them her friends instead of companions and tries to wear optimism, but she was still cold and willing to explod a guys DNA and then changes to this intense force informing Epzo to leave and say they might just let him die. And then actually just gives up at the end having to be reminded of positivity by the companions. It’s more subtle then 11′s shifts and isn’t shouting like 10 but I think it’s fascinating that she isn’t totally naturally the embodiment of 12′s wishes ishe still has a lot of the dark collected over their life that she works to control with the fun and compasion. I think she probably still has 11 and 12s idea of the Doctor being larger then she could ever be.

People were contrasting 12′s pretty probable murder of the clockwork man with The women who fell to earth, but she still stuck DNA bombs in a person and was okay with whatever happened after he teleported but then still told the kid off for pushing him. 

She is amazing and I love her. She is her own Doctor and has all the show-stealing power the role calls for. But i don’t think its as large of a break as people act like it id.