Rafael has been stressed for several years because of his physical problems. At some point, you can’t deliver with everything you have on the court, you can’t have the ideal attitude in training, you lose self-confidence too much. When your shots depend on the state of your hand, your knee, your foot, at some point having to manage all those pains tires you out. They sap your strength. It’s the head above all. It determines everything, it allows you to develop your game. If it’s not ticking properly up there, everything becomes very difficult. And suddenly, as soon as Rafael could play without pain, he quickly recovered a good level.
—  Toni Nadal

Rafa practices in Acapulco for the first time ahead of the 2017 Mexico Open


Watch: Serena Williams just masterfully defended herself against a manipulative reporter and gave us all a world class lesson in self love at the same time

There are 101 ways this exchange could’ve gone differently. However, Williams’ concise directive, “You should apologize,” did more than demand kindness. It demanded accountability for rudeness. Well done. This is truly the perfect lesson in “How to respond to respond rude people in 2017.”

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Venus and Serena Williams just made tennis history … again

  • Venus and Serena Williams are the oldest women to compete at the Australian Open for the Grand Slam final in the modern tennis era.
  • “This is probably the moment of our careers so far,” Serena Williams told reporters, according to CNN. “For me, I can definitely say for me.”
  • Venus Williams is 36, and Serena is 35, and together — over the course of two decades — they’ve changed the face of tennis by becoming two of the most prominent and dominant African-American athletes of all time. Read more

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Watch: Venus Williams’ joyful reaction to becoming a Grand Slam finalist YEARS after she was supposedly too old to play is the best thing on the internet

On Wednesday, Williams beat her opponent, CoCo Vandeweghe, in the Australian Open semi-finals — and even made history doing so. At 36, she is the oldest finalist in the tournament’s singles matches. It’s no wonder, then, that she had such a perfect reaction. Take a look at a clip of her reaction to winning.

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The moment we all have been waiting for! 

Roger Federer is the 2017 Australian Open champion.

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