National Parks Centennial

This summer NPR has been working on several stories on national parks for the 100th anniversary. Here’s a round up of some of the stories:

To Tame A ‘Wave’ Of Invasive Bugs, Park Service Introduces Predator Beetles 

National Parks Have A Long To-Do List But Can’t Cover The Repair Costs

Keeping Bears Wild — Or Trying — At National Parks

Stand At The Edge Of Geologic Time

Photos: Mike Belleme for NPR, Nathan Rott/NPR and Wes Lindamood/NPR

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US bronze winner STOPS in the middle of a pole vault jump when he hears the national anthem
Second lieutenant in U.S. Army Reserves proud to be an American!

U.S. pole vaulter Sam Kendricks brought honor to his team by breaking a 12-year losing streak by medaling in the event at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

But the bronze medal winner, who’s also a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves, showed even greater honor to his country during a practice run.

The 23-year-old medalists was a University of Mississippi ROTC cadet and is currently attached to the 655th Transportation Company in Millington, Tennessee.

“Those guys (in his unit) are really proud of me and have given me every chance to continue as a civilian,” Kendricks said. “I am certainly looking to represent the Americans on two fronts — as a military man and as a U.S. athlete.”

And he did a great job as an athlete — both in competition and during practice.

What pride!!