Black Lives Matter is held to such a ridiculously high standard. If anyone who is REMOTELY associated with BLM commits an act of violence, white people use it as an excuse to smear the name of the entire movement.

Cops can murder unarmed Black people and many white folks still jump to defend the police force.

This is racism. This is white supremacy culture.


Tennessee woman receives three new felony charges for attempting to self-induce abortion

Strict abortion laws have never meant fewer abortions. They have meant fewer safe abortions. The case of Anna Yocca — a Tennessee woman who, in September 2015, used a coat hanger to self-induce an abortion — speaks loudly to that trend. The charges against Yocca have changed a few times, but on Nov. 12, a Rutherford County, Tennessee, grand jury added a trio of felonies to her docket.


My beautiful home in Tennessee is completely destroyed by flames and ash. It’s been months since we saw even an inch of rain and now the fires are getting truly out of control. My friends and family are losing their homes. Places that I have memories tied to are gone. Thousands of animals have died.

If you’re the praying type, please pray for us. Keep Tennessee in your thoughts.


This is one way to get dinner I guess