Is it just me…

…or did anyone else notice…
…how absolutely adorable Mako is in a top-hat?!

*points out that the crew actually drew Mako and Korra old together…with the word ‘spoiler’ underneath* <3

Photos taken from korranation post: http://korranation.tumblr.com/post/53363902639/censura-the-crew-was-having-way-too-much-fun

Goodnight Kisses (Jenna McDougall/Tay Jardine)

Well this is something different to what I usually write. Just a quick, cute oneshot about Jenna McDougall and Tay Jardine. Enjoy.

Jenna’s POV:

“Tay, stop jumping!” I said through my laughter as my best friend jumped around on the trampoline, leaving me lying there, bouncing around too. Her perfect laughter filled my ears, making my heart grow warm with adoration.

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i was drawing neopets out of boredom yesterday and realised i had never entered the art contest there before so i just whipped up something quick to try my luck P:

surprised it actually got in! but i rarely even touch neopets anymore so it feels like a bit of a waste on me haha..