Ten Inch Hero

To me, you don’t have to have yourself completely figured out, but if you wanna find the right person, you have to know yourself. It’s learning to be able to be alone. You don’t always need a boyfriend and you don’t always need 20 girls surrounding you telling you “you’re great”. It’s learning to love yourself. You know, I really respect myself and I think if you respect yourself, you’re not gonna put yourself in a situation because you’ll have that little voice inside going “you’re worth something.“
—  Danneel Ackles
  • Jensen: Then, obviously, I fell in love with my wife while doing [Ten Inch Hero] so...
  • *Audience Aws*
  • Jensen: So, that was a bonus.
  • Jared: *pretending to cry* It's so beautiful
  • *Audience Laughs*
  • Jared: What a loser, dating somebody in the cast!
  • Jensen: Yeah, who would marry a co-star!?
  • Jared: What's wrong with you!? Pfft!
  • Jensen: Pfft! Don't hit me with the pfft!
  • Jared: Pfft!
  • Jensen: Pfft!
  • *Jared and Jensen start beatboxing*

Here you go! Part two of Praise for Jensen from DVD commentaries. This compilation includes clips from Ten Inch Hero, Dark Angel, Smallville and SPN. 


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Ten Inch Hero
Priestly’s “Superficial Horseshit” Speech


The Tampon Scene from “Ten Inch Hero”

A few points of discussion-

  • Yes that’s Jensen
  • Yes, he’s wearing a kilt
  • Yes, that’s Danneel he’s talking to
  • Yes, this was before they started dating (maybe, I think they started like halfway through production or something like that)
  • Yes, this was during “Supernatural”, I can only imagine what Jared had to say about the hair and kilt
Distance (or lack thereof) Part 8

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Summary: You have just moved to Santa Cruz to help take care of your parents after their recent car accident. While applying for jobs using your literature degree around the city, you decide to make some extra money at Beach City Grill. You end up with a massive crush on Priestly, but unluckily for you, your parents are strict and hate tattoos and piercings. So how on earth are you supposed to deal with all his flirting? (Plus-sized, comic nerd!Reader)

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You and Priestly lay on the couch at his apartment, watching Sherlock. You’re nestled up against him with your back to his chest and his arms gently wrapped around you. You’re both snuggled under the super soft Marvel comforter that now lives at his place (specifically for this reason).

Having already seen every episode, you check some emails while your vibrant haired boyfriend watches in fascination as the case unfolds.

You scroll through random mailing list things, deleting here and there. It’s when you reach the one from the local Santa Cruz library that your heart jumps to your throat.

Fingers shaking just a bit, you open the message.

Dear Miss L/N,

We are happy inform you that you have been accepted for the position of librarian at Santa Cruz Memorial Library.

…start Monday…

…….look forward to working together…


Patty Malone

Head Librarian, Santa Cruz Memorial Library

You don’t take in a lot of what the email says aside from the major details. With an excited cry, you leap up off the couch. As you’re doing your happy dance, a startled Priestly pauses the show, looking confused.

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JensenHiatusLove | Week Eight 
Favorite Jensen Roles