• Jensen: Then, obviously, I fell in love with my wife while doing [Ten Inch Hero] so...
  • *Audience Aws*
  • Jensen: So, that was a bonus.
  • Jared: *pretending to cry* It's so beautiful
  • *Audience Laughs*
  • Jared: What a loser, dating somebody in the cast!
  • Jensen: Yeah, who would marry a co-star!?
  • Jared: What's wrong with you!? Pfft!
  • Jensen: Pfft! Don't hit me with the pfft!
  • Jared: Pfft!
  • Jensen: Pfft!
  • *Jared and Jensen start beatboxing*

Because it’s pathetic, Tish, Ok? It’s pathetic that you can’t rise above all the superficial horseshit that’s whirling around you. I mean, why is it, why is it that some people can’t see a good thing when it’s standing right in front of them, huh? What is it that screws all that up? Can you tell me? I swear, you’re like 2 years old… more interest in the wrapping paper than in what’s inside.