Temple of Dawn

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) at sunset, Bangkok, Thailand.

Sorry to make this blog political, but I am getting annoyed with the representation of Thailand’s military coup in Western media.

The coup does not seek to take away democracy from Thailand; Thailand was barely a democracy before the coup. A corrupt political party run by the sister of an exiled, disgraced minister is not democratic. A political party that wins elections by buying votes is not democratic. A political party that refuses electoral and political reform in order to cling to power is not democratic. A political party that panders to the poor and offers them promises that they could never fulfill to claim power is not democratic.

Thailand’s military reluctantly seized power to ultimately make Thailand a real democracy. They have the support of most of the Thai public and the King who has devoted his life to the Thai people. Many people judge the coup because they hear a few buzz words like ‘freedom’ and 'democratically elected’ without understanding that elections are not the sole judge of democracy.