Temple Knight


A few lil’ thoughts and some brief analysis on the E3 class gameplay.

Assuming these aren’t just “demo purpose” character/classes, these four could well be in the final game (albeit with different names, perhaps.)

Warrior, Temple Knight, Sorcerer and Dual Swordsman. 

That fulfils a few of the roles - what about Bandit/Hunter/Deprived equivalents?

“Over the Bridge”


Music by L’ Ordre Du Temple

(This song is called In Lode De L'asino taken from their debut album which was released by My Funeral Records on the 3rd of November, 2007.

L’ Ordre Du Temple is an atmospheric/epic black metal with an influences of medieval music, ambient, symphonic black metal, esotericism, knights Templar. The band is coming from Venice, Italy. It was found in 2003 by Count David [everything | see also: Eneth, ex-Dolcinian etc.].)

Artwork has been taken from www.totalwarspain.com/t8300-mare-nostrum-total-war-mod-sobre-el-mediterraneo.

mikeymagee's We Gonna Be Alright
Site: AO3.Org Genre: TV Shows, Movies Fandom: Marvel Television & Cinematic Universes Ship: NA Characters: James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Sam Wilson, T'Challa, Nick Fury, Mike Peterson, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Claire Temple, Baron Mordo, Heimdall, Malcolm Ducasse Rating: Teen and Up Audiences Word Count: 14,108 Warning: Racism
By Organization for Transformative Works

Site: AO3.Org
Genre: TV Shows, Movies
Fandom: Marvel Television & Cinematic Universes
Ship: NA
Characters: James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Sam Wilson, T'Challa, Nick Fury, Mike Peterson, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Claire Temple, Baron Mordo, Heimdall, Malcolm Ducasse
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 14,108
Warning: Racism

Recently, there’s been a push for more fan works with black characters and black couples. The reason being is that most black characters, when they are featured in fanfiction, often are only written for the benefit of their white counterparts. If you’ve ever read an Avengers fic, you’ll notice that more often than not Sam Is A Good Bro, but never his own person, and Rhodey is usually nonexistent and usurped by Bruce Banner. Even T'Challa’s glorious entry into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe hasn’t elevated him from more than a background character who happens to come with the scenery.

Black In Fanfiction is a godsend, even if it’s not filled with fics that I would usually read. I’m not going to pretend that most of my ships aren’t white or interracial, but it’s also super annoying that there are a few WestAllen fics that try to subtly erase TV Iris West’s blackness. There’s no reason for Finn to get less shine than Kylo Ren or General Hux, the Darcy Lewis of the Star Wars fandom. Is it so wrong to want minority characters to be written with the dignity, respect, and importance that they deserve?

That being said, “We Gonna Be Alright” is about how several black characters in the Marvel Universe react to the shooting death of a black teen by a police officer. Quite relevant, all things considered.

I really liked this fic, much more than I expected to. I tend to walk away from fics that talk about racism because I use fanfiction to escape, but a lot of times it’s the hard topics that really show a writer’s ability. I wonder at the inclusion of Heimdall and Baron Mordo over Monica Rambeau and Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear), but this seems to have been a strictly a live action venture.

I liked all of the different perspectives, especially Claire’s personal story about her experience as an Afro Latina. Baron Mordo’s experience with the Ancient One was especially telling, although Heimdall’s wasn’t as relatable. There is a point where it begins to seem a bit monotonous, even though these are entirely different characters, but the way it’s brought back together in the end makes it all worth it. Like, it was nice to see how it affected these characters, but it was also much better to see them try to do something about it.

So who is this for? The black kids, mostly. We don’t get a lot of fanfiction that is steeped so heavily in realism and actually takes the perspectives of black characters into account. It doesn’t help that Rhodey was recently killed in the Marvel Comics Universe, and Sam Wilson handed over his name and is being asked to give up the shield.

This is for the kids who rejoice at how black Black Panther is going to be. You might think writing a character who happens to be black is enough, but how is it being true to the character if you’re only writing a default white character in dark skin? The same way you can write Steve Rogers being influenced by his Irish immigrant mother and her culture’s particular brand of Catholicism, you could also write about how Sam Wilson’s past as a black child from Harlem has influenced the way he lives his life.

This is for people that understand that representation really does matter. I don’t watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so I’ve only ever heard of Mike Peterson when it’s time to talk about how the show treated him. There’s only 155 works under the Mike Peterson tag on AO3, and the few that have him as a main character seem to mostly be focused on his relationship with Skye. How much do you want to bet that, even in those few fics, Mike is written in a way that benefits Daisy?

I’m rambling, but the way that most fanfiction is written as far as black characters is pretty insulting.

In any case, go ahead and read “We Gonne Be Alright”; it’s truly well done and deserves all of the hype it gets. There is also a fic that focuses on black DC characters, but their response to the situation is entirely different to what’s done in “We Gonna Be Alright”.

If you’ve read this fic before, I’d love to hear your comments on it. If you would like to keep up with me and my adventures in fandom, please be sure to follow this tumblr.


Hello! Recently I’ve gained quite a few followers and I even broke past 600, yay!

So with that being said, I’d like to remind you all that:

Lorelei =/= me.

Lorelei is not the sinner, I’m the sinner.

Bard!Lorelei looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll.

WoL!Lorelei looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you.

Drk!Lorelei looks like a cinnamon roll left far too long in the oven and is now burnt, and going around Ishgard killing corrupt Ishgardians, especially Temple Knights.

Thanks for reading!

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Concept: marvel cancels Iron F*st and gives us a Claire Temple / Misty Knight and Colleen Wing show we all deserve

plot twist, they’re all dating

Lore Search: Heretics, dragon blood, transformation and a longer lifespan

Since I’ve had a few people question if a transformed heretic/Ishgardian really lives longer:

The answer is yes, but we do not know how long yet.

Reasons for the lack of knowledge of a maximum life span are some of the following:

  • transformed heretics are often slain immediately
  • no transformed heretic can possibly be older than 1000 years at this point in time
  • transformed heretics that do live tend to stay away from Ishgardian civilization.

The oldest known are likely the one mentioned in one of the sidequests ‘Thar Be Dragons’ in which a slain transformed Ishgardian is said to be ‘hundreds of years old’ thanks to the dating on the scraps of armor on his body and Gandarewa a heretical leader of a sect that took after the Near East said to have transformed some 500 years ago after fleeing to Dravania to escape the temple knights.

It’s mentioned in the Dark Knight questline that a man could drink dragon’s blood for decades and not fully transform if he’s careful. There’s some hint it might be passed along in subsequent generations but likely no more different than the already tainted blood of the descendants of those who devoured Ratatoskr’s eyes.

In the Dragoon questline it’s mentioned that a person who has partaken in dragon blood has ‘already transformed’ but we only see them in human form so I’m not sure if this means a physical change despite the quest description stating “ and had already once turned into a dragon.”. This means perhaps it is possible for people to change back if they desire, but it’s difficult to say for sure. Galen’s reasoning for being able to change freely is his Echo, but it might be possible for a normal person as well. As a sidenote, this individual mentions they crave more dragon blood, meaning it does seem to have addictive properties.

The FATE Nothing But the Truth depicts how a person who has consumed dragon blood can lose control and transform when their emotions run high, as Huibairten’s rage upon seeing his fallen comrades leads him to transform into a massive Aevis.

It’s important to note that even though heretical transformations may vary all instances shown thus far have seen the person involved transform only into a variant of four-limbed beast. It does not appear to be possible to grow extra limbs other than a tail. Galen follows this trend as although he’s a more unique wyvern he still only has his forelegs (with wings attached) and hindlegs.

If I’ve missed anything please feel free to add on! <3

PokeVania: Shattered Illusions

Chapter 1: Preserving the Veil

The night was met as it normally was in the Temple of Light. The knights who were on guard duty stayed up while the rest slept in their quarters. The Elders were also in the Chamber of Reunion, discussing certain events that had just transpired. Most pressingly, the fall of Count Darkrai.

“Brothers, we face dark times. While the Count has fallen at the hand of another Darkrai and his companions, our work is far from complete. We mustn’t run the risk of this other Darkrai rising to power in his stead.What say you our next course of action should be?”

“I believe we must destroy this other Darkrai now, while he is still weary. Any Pokemon able to have slain the Soul Vampire when none of us could must be considered a threat. Especially one of their own kind”

“Hold on Brother Bagwell, should we act so irrationally? The Pokemon SAVED the country and then went home. He did not take residence in Castle New Moon. There were no survivors reported, and the palace is close to collapse from disrepair!”

“Do you question our very way of life, brother?” Bagwell asked.

“No, Brother Bagwell. I do not. I merely question the morality behind such an action!” The old Gallade rose to his feet, glaring at the one known as Bagwell.

“Do you challenge me, Brother Nero?” Bagwell also rose to meet Nero’s gaze.

“I challenge your morality. What sort of knight and defender of peace suggest murdering an innocent Pokemon? And one that is an ally to our side on top of that!” his fists clenched as he looked around at the other 4 Elders “Do you 4 sit around idly while our own brother seeks to betray our very moral code??”

The other 4 Elders looked at each other and closed their eyes, bowing their heads. After a moment of silence, the 4 Gallades rose and decided the conclusion to this argument. They took Bagwell’s side.

“You traitors! I no longer wish to be around you 5 old fools! We have yet to make a morally conscious decision, we have been leading our knights and the current Grand Master down the wrong path! He is not even aware of last night’s raid on the Poochyena den! CHILDREN!! WE MURDERED CHILDREN SIMPLY FOR BEING DARK TYPES!! STAND ASIDE!!”

The other 4 Elders grabbed hold of Nero as he tried to leave and held him in place. Bagwell slowly approached the subdued Gallade with a malicious smirk on his face “Tell me, how do you plan to leave this chamber?” He held his blade to Nero’s throat.

“May Arceus have mercy on your corrupted souls…”

Bagwell ran the blade across Nero’s neck, slicing the jugular and killing him “I am relieved that you all share my stance on what to do about this Darkrai. We will frame him for a very grievous crime and send our knights and the Grand Master Zaccheus there to stop him” Bagwell lifted the dead body of Nero onto his shoulder “The crime… The Murder of an Elder. The Grand Master’s father”