Somehow in the last 12+ years, this woman has solved crimes, maintained her position at the top of her field, gone on digs, allowed her family back in her life, been kidnapped several times, dealt with multiple serial killers, wrote best-selling novels, saved her partner in a few instances, ran away from her partner, watched him try to move on, pretended like she could move on herself, realized she could not, witnessed her partner unable to move on, provided a metaphorical shoulder to lean on while he healed, watched a beloved intern die, finally dropped the “just partners” pretense, had a baby with said partner (and man she loves), dealt with another serial killer and all that that entailed, got married, watched her husband almost die and then go to jail, watched another member of her “family” die, had another baby, endured the gambling relapse of her husband, retired for a spell, wrote a few more books, almost lost her husband again, went back to work, is currently contending with another serial killer, let a film crew follow her around, and STILL she somehow managed to pick up two extra languages along the way. Although- they are clearly ones we’ve heard of, so perhaps it’s not that impressive. :))