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Season 6 wrap

bettywho 26 tomorrow so obviously I asked my fave humans to come honour my deity @beyonce 🐝🐝🐝 TY @bp_parks and all my beautiful friends for being honestly so fierce I can’t even take it. 🙌🏼 @iamvincint @scotthoying @vdrstar @mollytarlov @vanessamagos @samlansky @tylerlain @totle9 @kevinmchale @jedidiahjenkins @jessescottegan

One of my favorite group costumes was when we were the Rugrats characters. None of us broke character all night–we even drank all our booze out of baby bottles and sippy cups (it’s surprisingly convenient–no spills!). Kevin was baby Dil, and we pushed him everywhere in a stroller. Dianna was Reptar (major props to Dianna for bucking the “girls just wanna be sluts” Halloween stereotype and wearing a head-to-toe fuzzy dino costume that was not sexy in the least). Harry and his girlfriend were Phil and Lil, and Telly–who is a not-small man, with facial hair–was Angelica. Telly made a beautiful toddler. One of the writers was the dog, Spike, and I, of course, was Susie Carmichael, one of the few ethnic Rugrats characters.

We had an iPhone boombox cued up to the theme song, which we blasted to announce our arrival, and carried a playpen. Everywhere we went, we’d set it up in the middle of the room (other partygoers be damned) and climb right in. In pictures, I am so drunk that I’m cross-eyed, sitting there in that damn playpen. After the party, on the way back to the bus, Kevin toppled out of his stroller and was as helpless as a real baby. It took about five of us, over the course of at least ten minutes, to get him back in. Yes, he could have just walked on his own two feet, but where is the fun in that? I think this might have been the moment when I realized how much I loved Kevin McHale and that we would be friends for the rest of our lives.

—  Naya Rivera on Kevin McHale in Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up