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BTS Reaction to You Crying While Singing “Tell Me Goodbye” by BigBang

Basing it off of the situation Admin Mocha set up for her EXO Reaction: The two of you are both idols and the relationship has ended recently, and you are singing this song on stage.

BigBang were my first set of kings (first boy-band I fell into rip5thgradeAudrey)! But I don’t recall hearing this song before hmMMM

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Jin: Seokjin would be shocked at your choice of song, especially since the lyrics are so closely related to the current situation at hand. He’d be so lost in thought, confused and unable to comprehend his emotions as they keep shifting from a deep sorrow to the embers of anger. Seeing the tears on your face would etch cracks into his heart and he would be so, so confused as to whether the relationship between the two of you would ever work.

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Suga: Yoongi would be a little annoyed that you had brought this whirl of emotions to the public - what if you are asked the reason why you cried during an interview of some sort? What would you say then? It would affect him and he wouldn’t know how to take it. He is frustrated at this whole mess and he would wish you hadn’t sang “Tell Me Goodbye” in the first place, for he is a great deal more upset than he seems because of the breakup.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would pretend like the current situation wasn’t - well, current. He would smile politely and nod his head in time with the beat like he has with the other songs but the smile on his countenance would not be a genuine or natural one, it would be fake in all of its entirety. He’d glance from you to his fellow members who know what has happened between the pair of you and they’d be shooting short looks at each other. He would burn up in embarrassment and wish this had never happened.

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Rap Monster: Outside he’d be a mess - laughing a bit at the choice of song and covering his face in shock and embarrassment and just how awkward the whole situation is. But inside, there’d be some sort of dull anger rising from the pit of his stomach to his throat, but he’d swallow it all back down. This would hurt him so much - the words you sing and dedicate to him, the tears criss-crossing across your cheeks, the cringing and heartwrenching emotions pulling through him at the moment. After he quiets himself he would be like Seokjin, deep in thought.

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Jimin: Jimin would have a straight face on the outside but inside he is a turmoil of anger and shock. How dare you even try to fix things! But as he continues to listen and notices tears streaming down your face (why are you crying? he should be the one doing so) he wavers, and a doubt starts to grow. I think he would want to catch you after the whole show is over and he’d want to talk it out, try to come to an understanding, a conclusion, possibly an end.

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V: Taehyung would start smiling forlornly as you begin to sing the first lines: Can somebody … Please somebody … He wouldn’t know at all how to react to these unexpected actions. His gaze would shy away when they see that you are crying and he fights the ones building up in the corners of his eyes. And that smile of his wouldn’t leave at all, but he doesn’t want to smile - he wants to break down right there and then because although it has hurt a lot for you, it has hurt him so much as well.

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Jungkook: The youngest would be unable to move from his position as he drowns in your voice, in shared sorrows. His eyes would always be flickering about softly, from your lonely figure on stage to the hands that used to hold yours in his lap. There’d be a dull heartache that he can’t seem to magic away, and his fellow members would have to take care of his shattered heart that you smashed with lyrics. There would not be much life in him after your performance and he’d have to work doubly as hard in order to make up for it but all he can hear is your voice echoing inside his mind …

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BIGBANG will receive a Special Award at the 58th Japan Record Awards (the JP Grammy Awards) on December 30th

*BIGBANG already won the Best New Artist Award at the 51st Japan Record Awards back in 2009

* n the 52nd Japan Record Awards in 2010 BIGBANG also received an Excellent Work Award for Tell Me Goodbye

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