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TOP while watching Bom 2NE1 (Keep it mind that he’s always a jpeg at award shows)


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Are my fears about Home correct? Tell me if I'm correct on these assumptions (I haven't seen it yet) The alien has no defining character besides "HE'S PLAYED BY SHELDON COOPER ON BIG BANG THEORY," which is incredibly distracting. The girl isn't too interesting and she isn't really the main character as she is a comic foil for the Terribly-not-funny alien. The jokes are lame, and the plot isn't worth following. And the only Dreamworks movie with a black girl protagonist sucks. Am I right?

alrighty I’ll try to address all this bit by bit so okay here goes

  • Oh has a few characteristics - he’s well meaning but clumsy, he wants friends and individuality which causes tension among all the other Boov who are fine all being the same BUT all of that is hidden behind layer and layer of annoyingness… for some reason he’s the only alien who talks in that weird Jar Jar Binks-esque pigeon english - all of the others, especially the leader, can seem to speak it perfectly fine, and like in Lilo and Stitch or The Road to El Dorado everyone is inexplicably speaking the exact same language and can understand each other perfectly without any real explanation for it
  • OH BOY  the bazinga voice is distracting as all hell… I don’t know if they specifically asked him to voice the character in the exact same way as he does Sheldon Cooper but with fucked up grammar or if that’s the limit of his acting range but yeah they basically just transplanted his Big Bang Theory character across into an alien which was very annoying, especially compared to Rihanna and J Lo who both did surprisingly good jobs (Rihanna in particular - she’s not exactly the first person you’d think of when you think “12 year old girl” but she pulled it off really well)
  • Tip is definitely the best part of the movie, she’s far more interesting as a character than Oh is and she’s a lot better developed as well. She’s not the main character, not by a long shot… Oh is actually in the movie a lot more than I thought he would be - I was comparing it a lot to Lilo and Stitch before it was released but the roles in Home are sort of switched around: Oh is the main character, he’s the one who finds Tip (she’s not introduced until later on in the movie), it’s definitely his story that is the main one they’re telling in the movie - he’s trying to flee to Antarctica and needs a ride, Tip’s car (or more accurately her mother’s car) is broken, he agrees to fix it if she’ll take him with her, she agrees to let him if he’ll take her to Paris to track down where her mum is. Road trip ensues.
  • A lot of the jokes fall flat but there are a couple that are actually funny - Tip trying to explaining how knock knock jokes work got a bit of a laugh and there is a TON of toilet humour if you’re into that sort of thing. Like, Shrek levels of toilet humour (including literal toilet humour when Oh eats one of the blue urinal cakes from a bathroom and washes it down with some “lemonade” he found in the toilet bowl)
  • The plot is… oh boy the story itself is solid enough but there’s just so much stuff crammed into the movie that the pacing is absolutely all over the place, it just sort of jumps from one plot point to the next without giving you any chance to take in what just happened before moving onto something else. There was ONE point in the movie where it finally lets you stop and catch your breath for a few minutes and that was probably my favourite scene in the whole film - it finally let Tip open up as a character which was such a relief because in pretty much every other point in the movie there is no payoff for stuff that happens because none of it has any buildup whatsoever - even Tip’s reunion with her mother which was genuinely heartwarming is very quickly cut off and the movie jumps right along to the next plot point because there’s still so much stuff that needs to be covered in what little time was left.

All in all the film was kind of a hot mess which was incredibly disappointing because I was really hoping to like it.

The aliens and most of the jokes are definitely aimed at little kids but all of the songs and Rihanna’s involvement seem to be angling more towards the tween/teenage girl crowd (there were like 4 or 5 different groups of high school-age girls in the cinema watching it which seemed a little suspicious considering it was a 12:30 screening on a Thursday) and with the exception of Tip’s mum, who’s only actually in the movie for a grand total of like 5 minutes, there is very little in it that would appeal to adults/parents so I’m just really confused about who the target audience of the movie is supposed to be

I can only imagine how someone can amuse at the thought of thinking if GD, GDRAGON, KWONJIYONG, getting up one morning and being happy about having 4 million fans, telling his friends and feeling proud..  and then the next morning, and the next, and the next, having less and less….

I mean, don’t u think that this might hurt deeply in his heart and the depths of his spirit? Doesnt it pains you to think that this might even bring some tears to his tired eyes? Sadness to his life full of stress and axiety for the need and desire of pleasing and not wanting to disappoint those alleged fans he thinks he has and are there for him? 

Not here to say you are obliged to follow him if you don’t feel like doing it anymore; but if the reason behind this was to make him feel bad,  sad and unloved: go ahead, give yourself a pad on the back and congratulate yourself in the mirror or anon asks, cuz chances are, you might accomplished your cruel selfish mission.  

I’m trying to make some rather annoying macro points about SWEN as a market on twitter. 

I’m going to build on it but it’s generally starting to involve a fair bit of silence around promotion of the show itself. Continuing to write SQ fanfic and promote in other ways, still awesome. But attending cons, shelling out money for anything that isn’t solely SQ related—just thinking about ways of strategizing there.

And it feels like time to really nip the bud on some of the sillier elements of fandom life. like ‘ship and let ship’ or ‘I feel like they bullied me for expressing even a bit of disinterest in my post’ kinda stuff. SWEN is changing things in important ways already. 

SQ Big Bang seems to be approaching, so I’ll be concentrating on that, on my Root/Shaw fanfic writing, and on supporting both Shoot and Clexa in the final of Zimbio. 

Zimbio—the poll that tells the show runners we’ll still buy their tshirts, but we’re still not an important market. (that’s my ad)

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I just wanted to tell you that you are one of the most amazing writers I've ever had the pleasure to stumble upon. I'v read almost everything you wrote twice, even without a description of what this story is about (comfort food) and even if it was a wip (again, comfort food). Love me dead was amazing and so, so beautifully written. I cried so much while reading On Alien Shores, I think my boyfriend is still a little wary about that. You are amazing, you truly are.

AUGH! I love getting messages like this, my little heart can’t take it but I still love it! 

I’m so glad that you love what I do and I really hope that you enjoy the big bang fic that’ll be released next month (that I’m working like crazy on and wherethesunmeetsthemoon may just kill me for doing it)

Also if it makes you feel any better I re-read alien shores a while back since it’s a work that people often tell me is a fave and I like to go back and study my stuff after a while to see what I did right and what works and what doesn’t and I made MYSELF cry with it. 

Thank you so much for sending me this though, it really brightens my day!

Playlist Shuffle Tag

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You can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first 10 songs that play without skipping. Tag 10 people afterwards. 

1. Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray

2. Stay With Me by FT Island

3. Big Bang Two by Chameleon Circuit

4. Marilyn Monroe by Rain

5. Stupid Liar by BIGBANG

6. Stupify by Disturbed

7. Hoy by David Bisbal

8. I Remember (feat. Daehyun) by Yongguk

9. Animal (Glee Cast Version) by The Warblers (i went through a phase ok and choir music is hella nice)

10. Turning Page by Sleeping at Last

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we were having game night at casa de llama and while we were eating dinner, we were playing a trivia game

and one of the questions started with the clue “a marvel superhero” and then this kid who’s like thirteen guessed Batman and all the adults were like NO THAT’S NOT MARVEL, THAT’S DC and the kid was like “eh, same thing” and the adults were like NO IT’S NOT and DON’T SAY THAT and I started calmly and unbiasedly explaining the difference and what, exactly, those terms referred to

and then this lady interrupted me to tell the kid that “and this is why you don’t say that, because you get people turning into sheldon (from the big bang theory) on you”

AND I WAS SUPER UPSET because like this is not the first time I’ve gotten a “u silly autistic“ response to talking about comics and yeah

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod /iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.

i was tagged by sabor-a-mii, and i’m finally doing this.

~ rain by bangtan (dark & wild)

~ monster by big bang (still alive)

~ baby i’m sorry by b1a4 (ignition)

~ vice versa by puer kim (purifier)

~ 유리구슬 by gfriend (season of glass)

~ mr. ambiguous by mamamoo (hello)

~ jump by bangtan (skool luv affair special edition)

~ holler by tts (holler)

~ catallena by orange caramel (the third single catallena)

~ cry cry by t-ara (black eyes)

i tag sloth nutshey-ass-booty kiss-the-panda-monsterxx maisaka k-popbiased pretty-pebbles flyingmochiprincess taochingmyself allkoreanandcuteness thirst-ae and anyone else who wants to do this!! ^^

new Blog?Maybe?

Hey so I’m thinking of starting a blog with someone because I also ways seem to be bored and want to meet some new people!

I’m looking for friends really, because I don’t really have anyone in my personal life that I can fangirl with and just talk about my interests in kpop and gossip, if you want to start a blog with me can you just tell me? you can give an idea on what it could be about. It doesn’t have to be BTS based, it could be any group really, just somewhere to fangirl with buddies…

So anyways if you could message me about ideas we could do something together, yeah?

There a very few things I find more exhausting than talking to people who feel the need to make everything about the things they don’t like. 

I’m not talking about people discussing the issues with the world and important things that need to change, I’m talking about that person who has to make it known to everyone that they don’t watch/listen to/read a certain piece of media. That person who loves to make a point of not watching something and will actually judge a person for liking it.

So often people feel the need to point out that they hate certain things, and to me there is nothing less interesting to me than what people don’t like. Tell me what you are passionate about, the things you love, the things that excite you, not oh I don’t do this because…

I loathe shows like The Big Bang theory, so I don’t watch them,I don’t bring them up and I just get on with my life knowing that this thing exists but it doesn’t change my life in any way. 

I have no time for people like that, they will forever bore me.

I’m all for criticism of  media but come on, live your life.


sorry im hungry and i have practice. i know im late. sorry >.<




GD - 0 (There’s one saying you like GD’s gf. i dont really want to get into this. sorry but thank you for your submission)
Daesung - 1
Seungri - 1


Tell me about how you’re preparing for BIG BANG’s COMEBACK. [here]

  • any news you have about them?
  • they got pushed back?
  • idk anything i’ve been swamped in school
  • someone inform me please ^^;;;


Your Ever-Smitten Mei

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Madrid & Cairo

madrid: describe your aesthetic 

a witch living in an apartment in the 50′s and wears tinfoil hats so the government doesn’t spy on me 

cairo: whats your favorite quote

Ignore every instinct to flee. Remember: you are a monster too


One day I will tell you what I’ve been.
It will scare you.


i said to the sun, tell me about the big bang. the sun said, it hurts to become.

Guilty Pleasure?

Once, R said to me that I have a really bad taste in almost everything except in guys (duh!). And his judgmental statement begins with me story telling him about my love towards this particular band. That is BIG BANG.

No, it’s not the name of that show (Big Bang Theory, everyone?). It’s a name of band.

Korean Band.

Korean Boy Band.

Yes, I love this BIGBANG which is a Kpop Boy Band whose name almost the same with a particular show. I love them. Let me emphasize it again, I love them. Okay, not everyone is calmly accept when they know I love BIGBANG. Well, most of the boys would eventually have the same reaction like R has, while most of the girls would just spazzing on them with me (high five girls!).

To tell you the truth I’m not only listening to BIGBANG. If you look at my playlist, you can see some of The Smiths’ songs, Arctic Monkeys, The Trees and The Wild, Pure Saturday, Oasis, Maroon 5 or some of The SIGIT’s songs on the loop. I don’t really have any particular taste in music. I just listen to what I like. Now, some people might say I offended those awesome bands by putting BIGBANG’s songs in the same playlist. HAHAHAHA. I love BIGBANG, what can I do? 

Anyway, BIGBANG is the one and only Kpop Band that I love and adore. GD (BIGBANG’s leader), is one and only Kpop singer that I love and adore so much. I don’t really love Kpop, like every single thing related to it, because some of the Kpop Band just made me face palm myself. Some of them are too cheesy, or to cutesy, or even to manly for my taste. So yeah, when I say I like Kpop it just means to one particular band, BIGBANG. It made me in a position where I found BIGBANG as a guilty pleasure thing to me. I adore them, but on the other side people bashing Kpop like it’s not a real music puts them on the light and made people  judge me. Naaaah, it won’t stop my everlasting adore to them though. Hahaha.

What about you guys? Do you have something that make you feel it as a guilty pleasure?

You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping. Tag a few people after.  I was tagged by gasmaskedtrash, thank you!

Lee Seung-Gi - Let’s go on a trip

Marteria - Lila Wolken

B2ST - 12 30

Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow

Panic! At the Disco - Camisado

B2ST - Bad Girl

Exo-K - Overdose

G Dragon & TOP - High High

B2ST - Beautiful

Big Bang - Wings

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