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1. Begin by Jungkook
2. I Lied by Nicki Minaj
3. Love Me by Justin Bieber
4. Buy a Heart by Nicki Minaj (ft Meek)
5. Perfect Girl by Monsta X
6. Sunset Glow by Big Bang
7. You do by G Dragon
8. View by Shinee
9. Bad Things by MGK
10. Tumbum by Yemi Alade

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  • Aries: lol u said Big Bang ;-))
  • Taurus: didn't actually happen
  • Gemini: bruh
  • Cancer: ok but why is that relevant a today
  • Leo: uh huh dis my shit
  • Virgo: who care
  • Libra: like the show?
  • Scorpio: *secretly fascinated*
  • Capricorn: ok
  • Aquarius: *goes into hypergeek mode*
  • Pisces: tell me more omg

I just want to talk about this scene in the Sober MV, since I think the meaning behind it is pretty cute!

Wonder why they were chasing a golf cart that was exhausting out what seemed to be steam? Well, back in the mid to late 1900s, There used to be truck drivers that were assigned to drive around town with a pesticide, or a ‘ Communicable disease control machine‘ (cr.) (방역기 트럭) And whenever these trucks visited the streets, kids would come rushing out of their homes chasing it for fun. It looked something like this (plus kids):

It’s wasn’t 100% safe, but kids found enjoyment from chasing the truck all around town, with the truck driver screaming at them to go away. I suppose this was translated to the MV as a way of expressing the joys of youth. It’s pretty neat, and I was surprised that they added this to the MV! 

GD x TABLO - 140322 Twitter Convo!

TABLO: “I’m taking 3 questions about Epik High’s 5th Album (2008)”

GD: “Hyung about that 5th album…Why is Haru so cute?”

TABLO: “ (RT-ed GD’s tweet) So suddenㅋㅋ Haru will go crazy when she sees this Jiyong-ah ㅋㅋ”

GD: ”please tell Haru that I want her to keep calling me oppa, not uncle kekeke"

TABLO: “I’ll tell her, Haru’s oppa Kwon Jiyong”

Translated by: BIGBANGGisVIP &

Over-Protective First Graders (a Destiel soulmates au)

(premise: basically, everyone can see your timer that counts down til when you meet your soulmate but you.)

“Mr. Novak?”

Castiel looks down at the small hand tugging on his sleeve. Big hazel eyes stare up at him through messy, curly bangs, and Sam Winchester’s hand holds out a hastily scribbled note.

“Yes, Sam?” Castiel asks, taking the note.

“My big brother Dean is taking me out of school early today,” Same says. “I have an appointment.” He says appointment slow and clear, carefully pronouncing each syllable.

“Thanks for telling me, Sam,” Castiel says. He’s about to tell Sam to go to his seat when he notices the boy staring wide-eyed at Castiel’s wrist. “Is there something wrong?”

“Mr. Novak, your timer,” Sam says. 

Castiel glances at where he knows it is. “What about it?”

“It says you have two hours!” Sam says, and Castiel’s heart gives a great big thud in his chest. “You’re gonna meet your soulmate!” He squeals the last word so loud that the entire class looks up.

“What?” Jo Harvelle asks/

“Mr. Novak’s gonna meet his soulmate,” Sam says excitedly.

“Soulmates are icky,” Kevin Tran mutters.

Sam scowls. “Num-uh! Mr big brother Dean says my soulmate’s gonna be the best thing to ever happen to me!”

This sparks a 1st-grade level argument about soulmates, and Castiel stands up. “Okay, fine. You win.”

Wondering what he’s conceding to, the class quiets down.

“Once your break is over, I’ll teach you about soulmates.”

“You said we were supposed to do math,” Kevin protests weakly, to which there’s an immediate flurry of responses, ranging from “Shut up Kevin!” to “Don’t tell him.”

“Hmm,” Castiel says thoughtfully. “If you all cooperate while we go through today’s lesson, I think I might be able to spare some time before lunch to teach you about soulmates.”

They do cooperate, and Castiel has ten minutes left before lunch to teach his class about soulmates.

“Since we have a few minutes before lunch, I can tell you about soulmates or we can have free time.”

The response is immediately and unanimously, “Soulmates!” chorused from every corner of the room.

Castiel nods and sits at his computer, turning the projector on and searching the Internet for soulmates, knowing better to look through Google images with a class of first graders.

“So,” he says, and brings up Wikipedia (which is unintelligible to 6 and 7 year olds but useful for him) “The first written record we have of soulmates was by the Ancient Egyptians. They lived thousands of years ago - maybe 6,000 years ago. They have pictures of people - as well as gods - with the soulmate timers on their wrists; they also show the gods creating the timers.”

“Did they know? What the timers did?” Charlie Bradbury asks shyly.

“Probably,” Castiel says. “They obviously met their soulmate when the timers went off, so we can assume that they did.”

“Well, you know what they say when you assume,” Benny Lafitte says, “You make an -”

Castiel silences him with a glare. “It’s only been recently that we’ve begun to even start to understand the timers.”

“What’s there to understand?” Krissy Chambers asks.

“Well, scientists are finding that soulmate timers have some kind of connection with not only your brain, but with your soulmate’s - so sometimes, you are able to feel what your soulmate feels. However, it’s more connected to your heart through blood vessels.”

He checks the clock. “We have to go to lunch now.”

Everyone starts immediately complaining but they slowly file into a neat line along the lockers. Castiel shucks off his jacket - it’s been boiling in the cafeteria recently.

“Wait, Mr. Novak!” Charlie cries out. “Your timer's glowing!

The entire class instantly breaks formation and crowds around him, peering at the glowing blue-green of the numbers. “You have 5 minutes,” Kevin says darkly. 

It sounds vaguely ominous.

“That’s nice,” Castiel says, “but you need to go to - ”

“We want to be with you,” Jo pipes up.

“Yeah, Samandriel adds. "We’re gonna wait right here until your soulmate shows up.”

“No, you need to - ” Castiel starts, but stops when his students form and blockade.

“Your soulmate is coming in…” Kevin checks the timer. “3 minutes and 50 seconds. And we’re gonna threaten them and make sure they’re gonna treat you right.”

Castiel’s not quite sure what he did to earn the complete and unswerving loyalty of 20 first-graders, but the last thing he’s doing is complaining.

“2 minutes,” Kevin says after a little while. Castiel can feel his heart pounding out an irregular rhythm.

“Are you excited?” Garth Fitzgerald IV inquires. 

“More nervous,” Castiel admits. 

“Can we call down and make sure that my big brother Dean knows we’re here?” Sam asks.

Castiel nods and shoots upwards itching for something to do.

He picks up the phone and dials the number of the front desk, and he’s about to press talk when there’s a knock on the door.

“10 seconds,” Kevin whispers and Castiel walks on shaky feet tot eh door.

He opens it.

“Hi,” says the extremely attractive man standing on the other side. “I’m here to pick up - ”

He realizes his timer’s going off and Castiel looks at the man’s and then him own. 00y 00m 00d 00h 00m 00s.

“- my… little… brother,” he says slowly.

“Deeeeean!” Sam shrieks, running to hug his brother. Dean absently slides an arm around him and stares at Castiel.

“Hey buddy,” Dean murmurs softly.

“Deeeeean?” Sam queries. The he gasps delightedly and his head swivels to look at Castiel. “Are you and Mr. Novak soulmates?”

“Castiel Novak,” Castiel splutters, sticking out his hand. “It’s, uh, good to meet you.”

“Dean Winchester,” Dean says. “You too. Uh, me too. Or something.”

Sam looks utterly ecstatic.

Samandriel appears behind Castiel. “You’re gonna treat him good, right?”

Dean laughs and glances at Samandriel, then back to Castiel. “Yeah, I - yeah. Obviously.”

“If we have a problem,” Kevin says, and Castiel starts, because he wasn’t there before - 

“Then we’re gonna have a problem,” Charlie finishes in a growl and this is a parent’s job and Castiel is so embarrassed.

Dean looks intimidated. Castiel would be scared except they’re all on his side. “You guys don’t have to worry.”

Castiel suddenly remembers that Dean is not just here for him and nearly trips over his own feet getting to his desk. He scribbles his number of a notepad, tears the paper off, and and rushes back to Dean. “I, uh, I know you have to take Sam to an appointment, so, here is my number. If you get a chance sometime later, call me then. And. I guess I’ll talk to you. Later. Then.”

“Yeah,” Dean says, and almost runs into the doorway as he pushes a beaming Sam out the door, glancing back at Castiel every so often. “I’ll see you, Castiel.”

Castiel can hear Sam’s brilliant laughter, and then halfway down the hall, “Shut up, Sammy.”

A/N: Dean is slightly out of character, and I’m really sorry, but tell me what you think! I hope you liked it!

{fic} It Hurts to Become

Word Count: 5.8k
Characters: Nessian
Warnings: v mild body horror, angst

“You are not a monster, Nesta Archeron,” Cassian says, moving to stand behind her. He makes eye contact with her in the mirror, as though he can communicate the depth of his conviction with gaze alone. “You’re incredible. You were incredible when you were human, and you’re incredible as an Illyrian, and you’d be incredible if the cauldron turned you into a damned suriel.”

Against her will, this pulls a half-smile out of her. “I’d still be prettier than you.”

I said to the the sun
“Tell me about the big bang”
The sun said
“it hurts to become”

- Andrea Gibson, I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power is Out


Nesta does not have pointed ears.

It takes her weeks to notice it. The aftermath of Hybern’s castle was a horrifying blur of blood and terror and the light being too bright, much too bright, all the time; she stumbled everywhere on too-long limbs, winced at every sound, too rich and magnified, as she caught Elain’s face in her hands and wept, smoothed her hair, refused to let anyone else near them.

Elain was as pale and silent as a statue for days. Nesta worked herself into tears trying to get her to eat at first, Elain blanching at every little thing. She wondered how much of it was the fault of the man with red hair—You’re my mate, he’d said, like he could just claim Elain like that. She swore dozens of times over, every time Elain looked listless, she’d kill him, as soon as she finished dismantling the king, and every person who’d ever obeyed him, one agonizing piece of flesh at a time. Nesta had always been angry, vindictive, confrontational, but this was something else, a fury so deep it was too big to be contained in her skin. If things like vases, and windows, and fine china started cracking unprovoked in her presence, well, that was what happened when you forced someone into a skin they didn’t want. Bill the king of Hybern for it, she snarled at Rhys after a glass chandelier shattered with a surge in her mood, not caring that he was undeserving of her vitriol. The whole world deserved it.

So it is not until two weeks into their stay—Elain is no better, but there is less and less to be gained by hovering over her every moment—that she stills, just for a moment, and looks in the long mirror in her room. Until now, she has been avoiding it. She does not want to see the long limbs she is still not accustomed to, or the face that isn’t hers, prettier and smoother and wrong. It does not wear expressions correctly, Nesta thinks with a shiver; it falls too still if she is not actively fighting against it.

She tucks her hair behind her ears, and realizes only then, slowly, that they are not pointed, like Elain’s or Feyre’s, whose she has spent so much time looking at and recoiling from. But it is an unsettled kind of relief as she runs a finger across the rounded edge—why aren’t they?

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Message to VIPs

What is happening in our fandom? Why am I starting to feel disappointed in us? We’ve always been known for being respectful and laid back, keeping our distance when it came to member’s personal lives, but it doesn’t feel like that to me anymore and I’m starting to question what went wrong. 

We are VIPs first and foremost because of Big Bang as a group, and what they do, which is to make music and entertain us. What they do in their own lives does not factor into that whatsoever, so it should not even be something we should be worrying or talking about unless they tell us themselves. Sure it’s okay to care for their happiness and well being, but anything beyond that is truly an invasion of their privacy and is not acceptable behavior at all.

It is a privilege that some of the members have social accounts that we may follow, but it is not something we should expect nor demand of them. They have full right to use them however they please and we are in no place to tell them otherwise. We should all be happy that they try to have this connection with us, but don’t abuse it to the point of them possibly regretting that decision and pulling away, which seems to be the case right now with Jiyong. This is really the first time he’s actively pulled away from his fans, and that is concerning to me as it is a sign that we as a group have done something wrong, not him. So respect his decision and allow him to finally have some much needed privacy in his life.

VIPs, please try to remember your place and how our actions, even though individually very small, can add up and directly effect the people we only want to see happy. Give me a reason to become proud of this fandom again….. Give Big Bang a reason to become proud of VIPs again.

Isnt it funny how in every smut you just happened to have decided to wear a skirt that morning
Whose This Other Woman Andy!

Can I have an imagine where y/n and Andy biersack have a 5 yr old girl named rebel and andy is running errands with her and they bump into Juliet and they hug and talk. Later rebel tells y/n about the “other woman” and y/n thinks Andy’s cheating on her and you can decide what happens after that :)


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The Shins, on repeat

tell me how to do it because it’s not as easy
as it looks. Travis

wants to talk about the universe. Black hole.
Big Bang. Worlds stacked inside each other Russian doll
style. Travis says, “I kind of believe

in God now. But not as a ‘something’ that’s there.
More like a 'something’ that’s not there. Like
the emptiness in an empty room.”

I’ll crawl under the bed and hide forever. Monsters are
friendly and forgiving. They know. They
know. They tell me, “Tuck yourself away. Bury yourself
deep enough to

forget what it’s like to be human.” Something tragic
is always about to
but never actually happens. Travis jerks his heart out of
my hands. Says, “There’s something bad inside me

and it won’t go away.” I looked and I looked and
I never found it.