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Okay I disagree with you on the Game Grumps discourse, but here's the real question; how do you feel about Dream Daddy

I don’t know why, in a game explicitly about dating and fucking men, they’d include this asshole, the least fuckable man in video game history.

Motherfucker’s favorite movie is Old Yeller, he can quote it from memory, he won’t let his kids watch Ed Edd n Eddy, this guy’s idea of a first date is to volunteer at the church open raffle and drop you off at home by 8, motherfucker gets you a $10 gift card for Applebees as a first anniversary present, some guys are carved out of marble, this guy? carved out of provolone cheese. this asshole has strong opinions on the latest Serena Williams tennis controversy and her “attitude problems”, the first time you finally fuck he keeps playing Bryan Adams songs on his sex playlist, “hey great job with the sex, let’s go wash our hands”, this dude has been divorced three times and met his current wife at the Three Days Grace concert “Son can you help me set up the parental controls on Netflix?” motherfucker spent money on Google Glass, he only ever gets pizza from Safeway because it’s “healthier”, “’Hey’ is for horses, son, in this house we say ‘excuse me’”, asshole discusses Big Bang Theory lore with his depressed wife, “haha if it won’t scan that means it’s free right?”, dude has a different polo shirt for every occasion and holiday, this motherfucker goes to the store for cereal and decides to go wild and buys the organic coco puffs knock off, this dude collects Great Clips coupons, motherfucker tastes like zero-sugar applesauce, this guy’s guilty pleasure is his secret Entertainment Weekly subscription,  “I can’t be racist, I’ve watched The Cosby Show”, this dude goes on facebook and shares Mitt Romney memes and tells his kids about it, motherfucker uses youtube’s restricted mode, this guy’s pride and joy is his collected edition of Richie Rich comics and he thinks modern-day Garfield his hilarious, he calls anime “japanimation”, grabs his family and hops in the SUV to drive three hours to go see Grandpa’s choir performance, “don’t give that man any money, he’ll just spend it on weed”, dumbass falls for an updogg joke and posts a How I Met Your Mother gif as a reaction, motherfucker uses his sprinklers during a water ban because be damned if his topiary stallions are gonna go to shit on his watch, dude says rap music doesn’t make sense while filing his Beatles albums alphabetically

 I’ve never played Dream Daddy


To Poe. Hi. It’s Finn.
You told me to write you a letter. Sorry it took this long. We leave for RGE-67 in fifteen hours and
I guess the adrenaline’s finally got my ass in gear. Also I don’t think I’m very good at writing
letters. Not sure what’s right to say and what isn’t. So I guess I’ll just say a bunch of true things
and hope one of em sticks.

tell me about the big bang.


Desert Island Fanfics (3/?): tell me about the big bang by thebrotherswinchester

There is a part of him that says: you are not human.

if rian really is so unoriginal he had to plagiarize a fan fiction from ao3 he could’ve AT LEAST chosen tell me about the big bang. dumb bitch cant do anything right


I’ve had lots of people come to me for Finn fic recs of all sorts, and after someone asked if I could collect all of my recs into one post, I decided it was high time I did just that!

Almost every fic I’ve listed below has been read at least once, and each one has a special place in my heart, so I hope you enjoy! 

(Note: I don’t read fics with major character death, non/dub-con, or anything significantly dark or triggering, so I don’t feel like individual tags/warnings are necessary for this list. If anyone feels otherwise about any of the fics below, let me know and I’ll tag accordingly!)


Finn-centric fics (mostly Finn/Poe)

Rated G

Follow me Home by indoissetep

The Bearer of Good Food by Anonymous

bad behavior by demigender

Changeling Children by englishable

she called it a void by vands88

generosity of spirit by avocadodreamin (potentially abandoned, but absolutely worth it for what’s there!)

mustn’t let a little thing like ‘little’ stop you by pdameron

Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble by @linatrinch (a fic based on my witchy AU!)

The Prince and The Pilot by NaruHinaGrrl1995

Rated T+

The Care and Feeding of Mammalian Companion Animals by ineptshieldmaid (I’ve honestly lost track of how many times I’ve read this one)

Tale As Old As Time by @imaginarygolux

with your feet on the air and your head on the ground by avocadodreamin

Varonat by @linatrinch

Skywalker Legacy by stripesyturtle  

Dissenter by fizzyfingermotorfuck

a time for sleep as well by themastersbeard

this attempt of remembering by chartreuser

you asked me to dance (and it was love at second sight) by bodhirook

The Future Prince by StarMaple

Stormtroopers do it in uniform by nekosmuse (so! hecking! cute!)

Tale As Old As Time by @topographical-map-of-utah

half over the moon by atthebarricade

Rated E/M

tell me about the big bang by thebrotherswinchester (one of the most important character studies for Finn that I’ve ever read)

step out into the sun by platos (thank you @littleblacksquirrel for the rec!)

you’ll be my resolution by zeppelin 

Yr so soft (you make me hard) by gloss

Be Here Now by @bluestem10 (Blue is amazingly talented and everyone should read this fic!)

worlds are built for two by synergenic

Yours by the_adequate_pretender (Finn/Rey)

In The Line Of Fire series by thehorrorinsymmetry

Stars and Skies series by asingerofsongs & MayGlenn (this is the only Jedistormpilot content I read, and I love it with all my heart. The writing starts out a bit awkward at first, but if you can get through that initial bump, the series develops into something amazing!) 


Spread the Finn love y’all, and happy reading! 

Fighting For You // Carl Gallagher

“Carl! Go to class!” I laugh as Carl continues to make faces at me through the glass. He pouts but eventually walks off, god that boy is a piece of work. I walk down the main hallway of the place both Carl and I call hell, it’s usually known as school but it’s not to us.

“Hey skank,” I hear a loud, booming voice say from behind me. The reason I call school hell is because I get bullied, mostly by a girl named Madison and a guy called Bryan. Today it’s Bryan and a few accomplices.

“I’m not in the mood Bryan. Fuck off.” I say as I continue to walk down the hall, getting closer to my classroom.

“Hey!” He says as he grabs my arm and turns me around to look at him. “Don’t speak to me like that!” His rotten breath corrodes my nostrils. I cringe as a blob of spit falls onto my face. I rip my arm away from his grasp and wipe the spit off my face. Just as I’m about to walk away Carl shows up.
“Get the fuck away from her!”

“Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?” He says as he grabs me once again and pulls me up against his body. “Protecting your little girlfriend? Aw how cute. How are you gonna feel while she’s screaming my name as I fuck her senseless?” He laughs. I gasp as he places a hand on my thigh, just under my school skirt.

“That’s it!” Carl yells as he lunges towards Bryan. Bryan lets go of me and throws me onto the ground so he can fight Carl easier. I didn’t know what to do so I panicked and ran back to get Fiona.

“Fiona! Carl’s in trouble, come help me get him!” I yell as I run through the door.

“Wha-?? What are you talking about Y/N?”
“Ok long story short, I was getting bullied so Carl stood up for me and now he’s beating the shit out of the guy who was bullying me,” I say as I almost run out of breath. Fiona comes over and hugs me as my tears spill down her shirt.

“Carl will be fine Y/N, I promise. Let him deal with this on his own. He’s a big boy.” She tells me. She then lets go of me and makes me a quick cup of coffee. Fiona and I talk about school for a few minutes before a loud bang interrupted us. Carl storms through the door with a busted lip and eyebrow, I assume Bryan looks much worse.

“Oh my god Carl! I’m going to get V so she can clean you up!” Fiona yells as she runs out the front door to get her best friend who just so happens to be a nurse.

“Carl, are you oka-“ Carl places his lips on mine interrupting my question. I sling my arm around his neck as he pulls me up by my thighs and places me on the kitchen table, still kissing me. He begins to kiss down my neck, no doubt leaving hickeys. He then trails kisses up my neck, on my jawline and right back up to my lips. I slip my tongue into his mouth and continue to kiss him.

“Carl! V’s here to clean your…oh.” I hear Fiona walk in through the front door with many feet padding behind her. I pull away from Carl to see Fiona, V, Ian and Lip all standing at the door staring at me and Carl. I blush and hide my face in Carl’s neck.

“I see you’re feeling better already then huh?” V chuckles. Carl just laughs and sits on the bench leaving me sitting on the kitchen table in shock.
“Hah! You owe me 10 bucks, cough up.” Lip says to Ian. I raise my eyebrows at the two oldest Gallagher brothers. “Ian and I had a bet, I said that you two would get together in the next two weeks but Ian said a month.”
“You two are assholes,” I laugh as Ian hands over his 10 bucks unwillingly. Ian looks at me, taps his neck and winks before heading up to his room with Lip following behind laughing. I run into the bathroom to see three large hickeys on my neck.

“Carl! I’m going to kill you!” I yell as I head downstairs.

“Love you too baby girl,” He smirks as he jumps off the bench.

**this is my first imagine so no hate please**

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So I'm trying to get into the Stormpilot fandom world, anf I'm wondering if there are any quintessential fics? Like top fandom favorites or ones that seem super influential? Or just the best or most liked? Thanks!!

alright no question about it is that tell me about the big bang by thebrotherswinchester is a super influential fic in this fandom! this link goes to my post with the pdf and podfic sources because it isn’t on ao3. 

the coat thief by gretahs is also pretty big and was a big deal esp. in the early days of finnpoe. 

how to fall in love with a fairytale by AndreaLyn is really cute, too,,,, omg. 

I also have this masterlist of fics that are all great to check out! 

hi i have something to say about this discussion about our fandom content and i hope this somehow helps to generate more ideas about what we can do about it.

let me begin pointing out two facts. 1. it is true that gif sets get more attention (likes, reblogs, comments, interaction in general) than fics, and sometimes, than fan art. (and it is just true, a fact, something that exists and happens and there is no hidden implication behind this sentence, i promise) 2. it is true that, usually, fic writers invest a lot more of time working on fics than gif makers on gifs. making gifs is not easy and a single set could take days to finish, the same way some fics could be written in a day and others could take months or even years. these are just facts and i think none of them implies gif makers or other content creators deserve less validation for their work. this is not a competition to decide who deserves or not validation, this conversation is important because it points out a lack of balance, an inequality we have to work on if we really appreciate the work fic writers do, that’s all. nowadays most websites prioritize visual content (gif, photos, videos, content that can be produced and consumed very fast in general) than written content, and yeah that sucks, but this is what we have now and we have to work with it, and if we really appreciate the work of fic writers, we must find a way to fix this. we can’t let their hard work being ignored, that’s not fair.

which really prompted me to write this was i saw some people asking “yeah but what we can do about it?” first, i think nobody has said that stop making popular content (like gifs) is the solution, it will never being a solution. gif makers are the ones that make phandom trend on this site every day, every week after all. anyway, maybe the obvious answer is reading, commenting and sharing, but again, that’s not enough because algorithm. actually, the solution is exposure. now, again, what we can do? let me give you an example. i think i have never* seen a gif set inspired or based on a fic, at least not in this fandom, maybe mood boards, but definitely i have never saw gif sets or edits (*i’m not saying those doesn’t exist, but i have never saw one, they have never showed up in my dash. i follow a lot of artists, gif makers and video editors, so it seems like it is not a common thing anyway, and that’s exactly what we need to build: new habits) or gif edits based on someone else’s art (you know, pretty sure most artists would be very happy if you make gifs and edits based on their work, as long as you ask them first and credit them of course). and in a similar way, i very, very rarely have read fics based on art, gif sets or edits (events like the phandom reverse bang clearly want to change that, but again, it’s not a common thing). and this only shows it exists a huge lack of collaboration between creators in our fandom.

talking from my experience, in the last few months i have focus on making art for fanfic and let me tell you the data i have got is actually shocking. only on twitter, my phandom big bang projects (#spon) got an average of 350 link clicks each one. what does this mean? it means an average of 350 people came to know about the fic thanks to the art i made (and i’m not even a popular account). maybe these are not impressive numbers but for a fic writer it surely means a lot. 350 extra people came to know about their fic. 350 extra potential readers. and that was only on twitter, here on tumblr my art posts got much more attention than the original authors’ post, which is sad, but at least more people came to know about the fic because of it.

so that’s it, we can make a difference if we are willing to collaborate. i think we all agree all content creators are important, so if we really appreciate other people’s work, please let’s give them the validation they deserve, let’s give them a little bit of our time. it would be nice <3


  • Idols need breaks sometimes, give them breaks
  • Stop asking for music because that just pressures producers and idols even more.
  • STOP bashing idols WEIGHT like how can you go from supporting a normal civilian’s weight yet start talking about how your idol shouldn’t gain or are big???
  • Stop bashing companies, because the people in there are human as well and friends with your idols, yeah they can mess up sometimes but that don’t mean you have to say awful things to them because you don’t like whats going on. That’s between the idol and the company they need to learn how to fix issues themselves.
  • For real, lets stop these fandom wars. Some of these fandoms are really starting to look like cults, and fight each other within these fandoms as well. People who want to get into groups, almost can’t because some people in these fandoms are just plain rude. “It’s not *insert fandom name* fault” or “not all *insert fandom name* are like that” need to go because you represent that fandom, your in it, so talk to those in that fandom about why they are wrong, not try and defend your whole fandom because we know not all are like that but it keeps happening and people are sick of it.
  • Stop discrediting other idols work, there are senior groups out there that have done big things for kpop. Stop being delusional about how your group has done the most for kpop. Because they, the idols are all in this together, you don’t see them saying “I helped change” or “We were the first” because they respect others.
  • Stop babying these idols for their wrong doing. Some idols are going into adult hood and some are already adults, yeah some are ignorant so educate them, tell them what they did was wrong. Don’t go threatening them, because you also sound just as bad as they are when you do so, but talk like adults, talk that problem out.
  • If these idols say they are in a relationship, STOP TRYING TO SAY WHY AND BASH THEM.  Some of these companies don’t want their idols to date because they know how childish and wild these fans act. There is NOTHING etched into stone saying “These idols belong to *insert fandom here* therefore they cannot date. 
  • These companies need to give idols more freedom, some of these companies, take there phones because they want them to focus on practicing at almost all times. Some can’t go outside without a manager, and some can’t even go outside because of extreme fans that follow them everywhere. 
  • Let idols speak out. Really, you never see many do, because they are scared about the backlash they will get. That time when Lee Hongki of FT Island said “I am not your boyfriend, don’t tell me your fantasies” some of y'all were literally about to jump him on that. Why can’t they express about the problems they are facing? Why can’t companies let them? Why can’t fans let them?