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Not to be that person, but since when did it become a trend to use the words “you can go choke” among Kpop fans? I’ve been seeing it going around a lot recently and I’ve personally gotten those words sent to me and it doesn’t feel good at all. You’re pretty much loosely telling a person to go kill themselves and it’s not funny at all considering how often those words are getting thrown around. It’s not funny and it’s not something to joke about no matter how much you hate the person you’re directing it to. You shouldn’t be telling anyone to go choke. Please just stop. It’s gross and no one deserves to have those words of hate directed to them. Seriously.


“And if there’s a ‘special lady’ that’s finally going to happen, she’d better come armed with a frying pan, because you’re going to have to hit him on the head, and tell him “You’re attracted to me!”" Jim talking about what would be like to have Sheldon in a relationship back in Season 2.

give me one day.
give me one day, and i’ll tell you all the interesting conspiracy theories, like the phantom time theory, which states that the dark ages didn’t happen and the year is actually 1719. i’m not crazy, and i don’t believe in them, but i think they’re the most interesting thing.
give me one day, and i can fill your head with every theory we have about multiple universes, about the giant perpetual storm on jupiter, how volcanoes were essential to life, how the moon was created, and a step by step walk through of the seconds following the big bang.
give me one day, and i’ll drive you to the best ice cream shop in the cutest little area that barely counts as a town.
give me one day, and i’ll show you the quote i jumped the fence onto the turf at my old high school to write on the stands, the old oak i love and a map of the stars that i look up at all the nights i don’t sleep. and i know that i keep talking about space, but all i know about is the universe and i never learned how to make small talk.
now i know that theories and the universe aren’t everyone’s forte, and maybe you’re lactose intolerant, and maybe you hate quotes and find trees boring.
give me one day. and if at the end of it you don’t Love me, i’ll let you go.
—  just one

if I were to participate in the Stevebucky Big Bang 2017 (and I’m not saying that I am, but I’m thinking about it), which of these fics that I have either sort of already started or at least outlined would you most like me to write:

  • this town is only gonna eat you - a sort of fantasy/crime/mystery shrinkyclinks fic in which Steve move into Bucky’s old apartment after he is reported KIA, and ends up seeing what he thinks is a ghost and tries to investigate what happened to the previous tenant
  • ain’t no god on these streets - an urban dystopia au set in a world in which the air is rather polluted and the rich have taken to living in skyscrapers above the toxic air whereas the poor ground-dwellers desperately scramble to survive, and Bucky, who has lived in one of these ivory towers all his life, uncovers a terrible secret, has to flee,meets Steve on the ground level and they both try to save the world
  • Anatomy of a Scandal - a regency fake relationship au in which Steve, who has been disgraced through an unlawful marriage, returns home and can only be reintroduced into society if he has someone of siginificantly higher standing take him to events….enter Bucky, who owes him (and who totally isn’t head over heels in love with him…..)
  • Walking the Plank - a pirate au, in which Steve is taken hostage on a pirate ship and discovers to his great horror that the Captain is no other than his childhood best friend sailing under Hydra’s flag
  • the yet to be titled Almost Human au, in which Bucky is the bitter and cynical police officer who lost a friend and his leg in a shootout thanks to the goverment assigned androids, and Steve as the new android assigned to him who is more human than either of them expected
  • held me down in this starless city  - a fantasy au in which Steve is what essentially amounts to a busboy in the city’s classiest brothel and gets picked by the general of the armythat’s just taken over the city to be his courtesan…even though Steve has no idea what he’s doing. whoops.
  • maybe you were the ocean when i was just a stone  - a modern au in which they go from being fuck buddies (mostly without the buddy parts) to falling in love and everything would work out a lot faster if Bucky only got his head out of his ass


Big Bangs reactions to their little sister dating a member of Got7

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I feel bad bc I don’t communicate a lot with you guys…  I hope you are all healthy and happy. I hope you like my reactions…. If you have any questions for me or if you just want to get to know me you can always message me :*


You didn’t know if you should tell him about Mark, because you were only dating for a few months, but you really wanted someone to know about your relationship and support you, that’s why you told him. He was happy you found yourself a boyfriend, he did tell you to be careful how you’ll date him in public and give you some advices what he probably likes. He wanted to meet him, when you’ll be really serious about your relationship, but not to soon, because he hated getting friendly with your boyfriends if you’ll break up with them. You convinced him to meet him next week though.
“I won’t be easy on him, little sister.”

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You just talked to BamBam about your relationship and he was very scared of how your brother will react, so he didn’t want to tell him yet, although he is his big fan. You on the other side wanted to tell him as soon as possible, you told BamBam not to worry about it and told Jiyong about him.He knew he was from Thailand and that he knows Lisa (from Black Pink), but he didn’t know how your relationship will be if he moves back to Taiwan, because he didn’t want you to leave Korea. He liked BamBam and thought he was really polite and good for you. He agreed to dinner with you both and even gave him a gift.
“But you have to tell me if it gets too serious okay? I’m not letting you go that easy.”

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You had some difficult times with Jackson, but you were getting really serious and you even talked about family, so you thought about telling Taeyang about him. You had to think about what to say and the next day you told him you are dating Jackson. He was happy you found such caring person as Jackson. He didn’t like him at first, because you told him about everything and when he met him he watched his every move. He knew he wasn’t a bad person, so he got close to him and after a few months you would have to tell Jackson to stop spending time with your brother and be with you more.
“But he’s such a nice guy. Let him hang out with me more not less.”

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You couldn’t wait to tell him about your boyfriend-JB. He liked him when you described him and he wanted to know how serious you were. He didn’t want to overreact to a boyfriend if it’s not serious. You told him you were not sure if you are serious yet, but it felt real to you. He asked you about him and you had conversation about him, you had almost nothing bad to say about him, just his job. He was very busy, but you still had time to go out with him. When he met him he thought he is very handsome and very polite, which was very important for him(being polite part). He got closer to him and they became good friends.
“There is a big chance you marry him, right? You should.”

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You always told Seungri about your boyfriends, even tho there were only 2 until now. You were dating Youngjae and he was really your ideal type and you loved him. He always makes you smile and happy. When you told Seungri about him he wanted to meet him, because you described him as an angel and he really wanted to meet him. When they met, Youngjae was awkward at firs but Seungri made the mood good and at the end of the dinner he was calling him hyung and they exchanged phone numbers and they took pictures without you. You were offended and told them they won’t meet if you don’t say they can.
“If I know right I am still older than you…”

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{fic} It Hurts to Become

Word Count: 5.8k
Characters: Nessian
Warnings: v mild body horror, angst

“You are not a monster, Nesta Archeron,” Cassian says, moving to stand behind her. He makes eye contact with her in the mirror, as though he can communicate the depth of his conviction with gaze alone. “You’re incredible. You were incredible when you were human, and you’re incredible as an Illyrian, and you’d be incredible if the cauldron turned you into a damned suriel.”

Against her will, this pulls a half-smile out of her. “I’d still be prettier than you.”

I said to the the sun
“Tell me about the big bang”
The sun said
“it hurts to become”

- Andrea Gibson, I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power is Out


Nesta does not have pointed ears.

It takes her weeks to notice it. The aftermath of Hybern’s castle was a horrifying blur of blood and terror and the light being too bright, much too bright, all the time; she stumbled everywhere on too-long limbs, winced at every sound, too rich and magnified, as she caught Elain’s face in her hands and wept, smoothed her hair, refused to let anyone else near them.

Elain was as pale and silent as a statue for days. Nesta worked herself into tears trying to get her to eat at first, Elain blanching at every little thing. She wondered how much of it was the fault of the man with red hair—You’re my mate, he’d said, like he could just claim Elain like that. She swore dozens of times over, every time Elain looked listless, she’d kill him, as soon as she finished dismantling the king, and every person who’d ever obeyed him, one agonizing piece of flesh at a time. Nesta had always been angry, vindictive, confrontational, but this was something else, a fury so deep it was too big to be contained in her skin. If things like vases, and windows, and fine china started cracking unprovoked in her presence, well, that was what happened when you forced someone into a skin they didn’t want. Bill the king of Hybern for it, she snarled at Rhys after a glass chandelier shattered with a surge in her mood, not caring that he was undeserving of her vitriol. The whole world deserved it.

So it is not until two weeks into their stay—Elain is no better, but there is less and less to be gained by hovering over her every moment—that she stills, just for a moment, and looks in the long mirror in her room. Until now, she has been avoiding it. She does not want to see the long limbs she is still not accustomed to, or the face that isn’t hers, prettier and smoother and wrong. It does not wear expressions correctly, Nesta thinks with a shiver; it falls too still if she is not actively fighting against it.

She tucks her hair behind her ears, and realizes only then, slowly, that they are not pointed, like Elain’s or Feyre’s, whose she has spent so much time looking at and recoiling from. But it is an unsettled kind of relief as she runs a finger across the rounded edge—why aren’t they?

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someone please tell me how to gif an entire video……..? i love everything about this video.. also it takes me back to when i attended the alive tour and finally got to see big bang LIVE. Big Bang wasn’t that huge until FB came out and Big Show or their concerts before didn’t get any world tours and I remembered when YG announced they were having an alive WORLD tour every international vip including me were probably crying….. the concert was magical *:・゚✧

Inbox me a number and I’ll answer
  1. How did you get into Kpop?
  2. What’s your favorite Kpop group?
  3. Who is your first Kpop bias? Is he still your bias?
  4. If you met your bias, what would you want to tell him the most?
  5. Do you sing/dance in the shower?
  6. Your favorite Kpop song as of now?
  7. What do you think about right now?
  8. Did you ever meet a different kpop fan in person?
  9. What do you prefer; “Shawty Imma party till the sun down” or “Uh, never don’t mind about a thing”?
  10. If you had a chance to become a Kpop idol, what would your stage name be?
  11. If you had a chance to become a Kpop idol, what would be the name of your band?
  12. If you had a band, what would you prefer your position to be? Leader, Maknae, Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Main Vocal or Visual?
  13. Write a short paragraph about why you love your fav group/idol.
  14. What are you doing right now?
  15. How long are you into Kpop? Do you regret finding out about it?

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hey do you have any finnpoe fic recs that are kinda new? the ao3 tag is filled with ky/lux and rey/lo and as much as i love tell me about the big bang i need sth new i miss them

Honestly I’m in the same boat as you right now! I haven’t had much time to search for new fics and there barely are any new good ones like the Big Bang out right now :/ I’ve read a few small ones but nothing really notable. There’s just a lack in content being put out rn :/ If any of you guys can help this anon/me out by recommending some newer finnpoe fics…pls let me know!

Too Young

Anon request! I hope you like it! :)


“I don’t know he’s different than most guys.” Your friend says with the biggest smile on her face. “You know how picky I am with the men I date.”

“Yeah I remember.” You say laughing. She smacks your arm lightly and laughs along with you.

“Enough about me! Tell me about your famous boyfriend.” You smile and sigh.

“He’s amazing. Literally my ideal guy!” You say falling back on the couch dramatically.

“Really!? Finally! I honestly thought you would never find him!” She says and you sit up and glare at her.

“It’s not like I wanted crazy qualities. Just simple ones.” You say sticking out your tongue.

“Sure.” She says rolling her eyes.

“But the only problem is our age difference.” You say as your face falls. “Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t bother me, it’s just I’m only 22 years old and he’s 30 years old. I get scared that sometimes I’m too young for him.” She furrows her eyebrows.

“You met your dream guy and you’re letting age bother you?” She says.

“Kinda.” You say as you bite your lip avoiding eye contact. “I don’t let it bother me…I just think about it sometimes when I do something childish or if I want to go somewhere childish.”

“Have you talked about it with him? How he feels?” She asks and you shake your head.

“No because I don’t want him to feel some type of way. He’s not like other guys his age where he’s serious all the time. He jokes around a lot but he’s 30 now. I don’t know….”

“People don’t change that quickly with age. Trust me.” She says laughing. “If it bothers you then just talk about it with him so you can see where he stands with the whole age gap.” You sigh and look away.

“It’s fine.” You say and she gives you a look and then shrugs her shoulders.

“Ok whatever you say.” She says rolling her eyes and you shake your head.


After hanging out with your friend you had decided to surprise your boyfriend at the studio. You loved coming to the studio to watch the magic happen.

He showed you some of the new songs he had recorded.

“I really like this one.” You said as you sat next to him. He smiled and took your hand in his.

“I knew you would.” You smiled back as he clicked to the next song. “This ones my favorite so far.” You sat and listened intently to his favorite song. He stopped it midway and turned to you. He bit his lip and you sensed something was up.

“Can I ask you something?” He says and you move closer to him.

“Yeah. What’s up?” You say smiling trying to make him smile. His expression stayed kind of serious.

“How do you feel about me?” Your eyes widen and you let out a small laugh. As you open your mouth to speak. He puts up his hand to stop you. “Honest feeling.”

“Why are you asking me this? You know how I feel about you.” You said calmly as your heart raced. Why was he asking you this all of a sudden? He sighs and runs his fingers through his hair.

“You had butt-dialed me while you were hanging out with her friend earlier and I heard what you said about our age gap.” Your eyes widen and you bite your lip looking away. Scared of his reaction after what you were going to say.

“I get scared that I’m too young for you. That one day you will get sick of me and break up with me.” You say looking at the ground to avoid his gaze. He laughs a little and pulls your chair closer to him. Having both his arms on the armrest he stares at you. You continue to ignore him with your hands in your lap.

“Can you look at me?” He says with a small laugh. You slowly look at him. “Age to me is nothing. I don’t pay attention to our age gap. When I’m with you I don’t feel like age is a problem. We are both children at heart and love joking around and pulling pranks. You’re different from other girls your age and I like that about you. Heck your even more mature than most girls my age.” You laugh and shake your head. “Don’t ever for a second think that I’ll leave you. You make me the happiest man and I plan to be together with you for as long as you want me.” You pull his face to yours and kiss him.

“Forever?” You say in a childish voice and he laughs nodding.

“Forever if that’s what you want.” He places his hand on your cheek and rubs it with his thumb. “I love you. If anything ever bothers you just talk to me, ok?” He says laughing and you nod your head as he places another kiss on your lips.