Tell Me About The Big Bang

{fic} It Hurts to Become

Word Count: 5.8k
Characters: Nessian
Warnings: v mild body horror, angst

“You are not a monster, Nesta Archeron,” Cassian says, moving to stand behind her. He makes eye contact with her in the mirror, as though he can communicate the depth of his conviction with gaze alone. “You’re incredible. You were incredible when you were human, and you’re incredible as an Illyrian, and you’d be incredible if the cauldron turned you into a damned suriel.”

Against her will, this pulls a half-smile out of her. “I’d still be prettier than you.”

I said to the the sun
“Tell me about the big bang”
The sun said
“it hurts to become”

- Andrea Gibson, I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power is Out


Nesta does not have pointed ears.

It takes her weeks to notice it. The aftermath of Hybern’s castle was a horrifying blur of blood and terror and the light being too bright, much too bright, all the time; she stumbled everywhere on too-long limbs, winced at every sound, too rich and magnified, as she caught Elain’s face in her hands and wept, smoothed her hair, refused to let anyone else near them.

Elain was as pale and silent as a statue for days. Nesta worked herself into tears trying to get her to eat at first, Elain blanching at every little thing. She wondered how much of it was the fault of the man with red hair—You’re my mate, he’d said, like he could just claim Elain like that. She swore dozens of times over, every time Elain looked listless, she’d kill him, as soon as she finished dismantling the king, and every person who’d ever obeyed him, one agonizing piece of flesh at a time. Nesta had always been angry, vindictive, confrontational, but this was something else, a fury so deep it was too big to be contained in her skin. If things like vases, and windows, and fine china started cracking unprovoked in her presence, well, that was what happened when you forced someone into a skin they didn’t want. Bill the king of Hybern for it, she snarled at Rhys after a glass chandelier shattered with a surge in her mood, not caring that he was undeserving of her vitriol. The whole world deserved it.

So it is not until two weeks into their stay—Elain is no better, but there is less and less to be gained by hovering over her every moment—that she stills, just for a moment, and looks in the long mirror in her room. Until now, she has been avoiding it. She does not want to see the long limbs she is still not accustomed to, or the face that isn’t hers, prettier and smoother and wrong. It does not wear expressions correctly, Nesta thinks with a shiver; it falls too still if she is not actively fighting against it.

She tucks her hair behind her ears, and realizes only then, slowly, that they are not pointed, like Elain’s or Feyre’s, whose she has spent so much time looking at and recoiling from. But it is an unsettled kind of relief as she runs a finger across the rounded edge—why aren’t they?

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“Also, bad influence? You?” Finn leans in close, scrutinizing Poe, pretending to look for signs of lurking evil. “Hmmm….yeah, I’m not seeing it.”

“Maybe you aren’t looking hard enough.”

tell me about the big bang by @stormsdameron   ♥

Big Bang Reaction To Finding Out Their Girlfriend Has Nipple Piercings
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*Startled at first, but he would show you how much he appreciates you got them soon enough*
“When did they get there?”


*Stares for a looong time, thinking what to say*
“Did they hurt a lot? Why did you never tell me about them?”


“Getting them was a fine idea. ”


“You got your…! They’re real?”


“If they make you feel good then you know I’m all up for it~”


Mayim interviews her “Big Bang Theory” costar about his new film with Meryl Streep

Mayim Bialik: Thank you for talking with me, Simon! I absolutely fell hard for “Florence Foster Jenkins” and especially found your character’s portrayal so moving. For people who don’t know what the movie is about, tell us your thumbnail sketch of it please.

Simon Helberg: Well, it is about the most well-known opera singer of all time, despite her being the worst opera singer of all time, Florence Foster Jenkins, played by Meryl Streep. It’s a true story, and it took place in 1944. Everyone knew that she had the most atrocious voice, except for her, and despite her voice being atrocious, she managed to triumph and sing at Carnegie Hall and go on to be the biggest selling artist of Melotone Records. Her record is still talked about and was on David Bowie’s list of top ten albums of all time. So she became an absolute sensation despite having zero singing ability.

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fanfic writer appreciation (a day late but what can u do)

holy shit!! ik no one is going to see this  b u t  there’s five people who need to be celebrated for ruining my l i f e

 @jhholtzmann / thebrotherswinchester – i read “tell me about the big bang” (stormpilot) and was absolutely dumbfounded with how perfectly written each aspect (from plot to her character studies) of the narrative was. absolutely the best stormpilot/TFA fic i’ve ever read hands-down.oh and also soul-crushing and with one of the most powerful passages about love and what it means to love someone i’ve read in a VERY long time.

@bygoneboy / FatHobbitLover – holy shit ok so i discovered him after desperately going through the patrochilles tag on Ao3 but now ?!!??! his corvo/outsider fics are TOP FUCKING notch as well as everything he’s done in the kylux fandom. near perfect representations of flawed characters and holy GOD  the writing style itself is fluid and poetic and wonderful wonderful wonderful. in·car·nate (Corvo/Outsider) made absolutely my entire chest ache and EVERYTHING he’s got on his Ao3 has the ability to do that it’s just !!! so good

@pasiphile / pasiphile – oooooooook. OOOOOOOOOKKKK. i could probably write a 100 page essay on how many times These Violent Delights (Moriarty/ Sebastian Moran) has fucked me upside-down and sideways and still not get across how FUCKING AMAZING this fic is. (i didn’t even like Sherlock before reading TVD.) they were able to pace the entirety of this so ABsolutely flawlessly at times I was realizing there aren’t even any published authors that manage to pull off this monster of an emotional rollercoaster. tldr: i bawled like a child after the last chapter. (also: under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to listen to ANY Bon Iver during the last chapter. or any of the chapters. just don’t do it.) to quote  thedevilyouknownow once she finished: “wow. i am really upset right now.“

speaking of which: thedevilyouknownow – (who is an asshole and doesn’t have a tumblr) y’ALL WANT EMO?!?! Y’ALL WANT IT NOW ??!!?! Y’ALL WANT EMO FOR SHIT YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW COULD BE EMO BC BOy do i got a treat for you this motherfucker up here kickin back acting slick like “eh nbd super accurate character portrayals and a near-perfect representation to the way the WRITERS OF THE SHOWS THEMSELVES create scenes && dialogue” like .,.,…,.,.,,.., shit my Guy you’ve fucked me over and i aint even Seen have the stuff you write but look at me comin back around to the Suffer bus 

@wntcrsoldcr / gaylabinsky – (who is an asshole and does have a tumblr) mother fucking shit goddamned fuckin ..,..,..,.,,. who is she. who IS she. i don’t think y’all understand i have never in my LIFE seen someone work so diligently to write the absolute best and MOST ACCURATE sad ancient gay bois there fucking is. by accurate i mean she has something like fufckckign i don’t know FOUR COPIES of the Same Translation of the Iliad. she will research for hours just for a sentence but GOD DAMN is that the most poetic and beautiful sentence you’re gonna read in ur damn life holy fucking shit  

“Achilles had loved him in his movements, a broken elegance he wished to hold, protect him from what had hurt him this way. He had loved him in the dark brown of his eyes, large and round, watching and filled with warmth, taking all in.


anyway i hope y’all have a good day lov u <3

Paulie “I would put up James & Natalie. I’m sending James home for what he did!”
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7:10pm When the feeds return - In the kitchen - Natalie tells Corey thank you for not putting me up. Corey tells her she’s welcome. Nicole says there is something I would like to talk to you about that Z told me. I promised Z I wouldn’t bring it up prior to.. Its been bugging me all day. Meech tells Nicole that I shouldn’t have said it. Nicole says its okay you wanted to out with a bang.

Big Brother Spoilers
Paulie “I would put up James & Natalie. I’m sending James home for what he did!”

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excuse me its rant time

I’m back it again with my kpop rant, and this time its about u uGLies out there who are salty as fk about big companies.

Just a disclaimer, i am a fan of many groups, from rookies from nugu companies to “bigger artists”. So don’t you dare try to call me out under the category of one fandom.

I have seen way too many comments about how rookies like BlackPink, Twice or any of those new kids from Big companies get their fame from their companies stance. FIRSTLY FAM, sit your ass back down, these kids didnt train over 5 years to listen to your BS. Secondly, the big companies didnt start off being served with a silver platter, they built up to where they are now from dirt and ashes. Big Bang for example, were unknown till Lies and Haru Haru. So dont you tell me that all this hard work is pure from a companies work.

Thirdly, yes they did get a kick start into their career with a UMPH from being in those companies, but their paths were all decided by the amount of talent they had. BlackPink for example, I will not compare them with other girl groups but their MR removed videos are evidence of just the small ounce of so much talent they have. Jisoo who everybodythought was a pretty face, came out with such a mature and well controlled voice.

I am over it, over the comments about how people are only famous for being in companies. THIS VERY OWN IDEA is blurring EVERYONE from what they really have, talent. Whether it be singing, dancing, rapping, acting etc, these companies dont pay $$$$ to give you shit with a crown on it, they pay money because they see talent, they see potential to grow in a niche market.

I’m ending this with please play attention to both big groups and small groups, a fan of many, and whom ive met many underrated groups, they are humble, talented and positive despite everything.
My opinion.

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your MP3 player / iTunes / Spotify etc on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then tag ten people.

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  1. Centuries by Fall Out Boys
  2. I’m Glad There is You by Jane Monheit
  3. Take Me to Church by Hozier
  4. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Glee Cast
  5. Bang The Doldrums by Fall Out Boy
  6. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence & The Machine
  7. Fly by Kyla La Grange
  8. Still by Daughter
  9. Who We Are by Imagine Dragons
  10. Habits by Tove Lo

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#1 Aw, thank you! You’re very welcome, haha. I’m glad you’ll use my items! QwQ I will! ;D

@cxdexmaker: Hiii! :D I just listened to their songs once and I don’t really have any strong opinion about them actually. ^^” I don’t usually listen to that much YG, mostly some pretty old Big Bang music (pre-Tell Me Goodbye TwT) and a few 2NE1 songs and I used to listen to Epik High’s Love Love Love a lot as well, it’s still good, heh. I think the part in BOOMBAYAH starting at 0:55 sounds nice though and the part in WHISTLE starting at 1:17……..yeah I like this part the most……

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Yesterday my coworker said he disproved the Big Bang Theory by telling me to open my hand, imitating putting something (nothing) in the palm of my hand, and telling me to make something out of it. And honestly that was one of the dumbest interactions I’ve ever had. I was completely dumbstruck I had to just walk away. But I can’t stop thinking about it. Just… how stupid that was. I don’t think he understands? Science??? And if he’s telling me to recreate the Big Bang why can’t he recreate an entire universe, as it is implied God did? Neither one of us is an incredible force of nature, but I would assume that since humans created God and therefore typically portray him as a human as well, wouldn’t humans be a little closer to having the power to create an entire universe than me? Who, unfortunately, is not the same kind of entity as the explosion that caused the expansion of the universe? Plus there is some heavy evidence still suggesting the Big Bang was real. The only evidence of God comes from (unsurprisingly) the only species capable of creating him. And if humans are willing to lie for thousands upon thousands of years about how we must live focusing on what happens after death, lest we are to face the man with impossible expectations and sentence us to an afterlife that is supposedly worse than the life I spent worrying about death, then I sure as hell am not willing to trust a couple tv shows or books telling me about people’s encounters with God.