Peygamber mührünün günün ilk görülen şeyi olduğunda hafızayı geliştirdiğini öğrendik. Ve telefonlar için duvar kağıtları hazırladık :) 


On July 20, 1969, President Richard Nixon used this green telephone in the Oval Office to talk to the Apollo 11 astronauts while they were on the surface of the moon.

More great photos and stories at Nixon and the U.S.  Space Program 


Oval Office telephone from the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.

One of the first steps taken on the moon, this is an image of Buzz Aldrin’s bootprint from the Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon on July 20, 1969. Photo Credit: NASA

Photo of Astronaut Edwin E.  “Buzz” Aldrin on the surface of the moon, next to the U.S. flag.  Photographed by Neil Armstrong, first person to set foot on the moon.  Apollo 11 mission.

Guess who laughed at me?

Okay, I was scrolling through my Twitter when I see a tweet from Misha Collins. Basically, he says that the GiShWhEs hotline will be directed to his cell for a bit. AND HE WROTE OUT THE NUMBER!

Of course, I freak out for a good five minutes before I run to upstairs to grab the phone. I dial, and the busy tone comes up. I panic, and redial. It goes to the GiShWhEs answering machine. It basically tells me to press a few numbers here and there, until there’s a very pretty beep. And then there is at least twenty people all talking at the same time. At first, I’m thinking that it’s just part of the answering machine.

Then, I quickly realize that it’s a conference call of all the people trying to call Misha.

One girl named Bianca appears to have taken charge, and she started a DM on twitter. Much easier to read and type than just yell at everybody.

For some reason, I stay on the conference call for about an hour. My sister comes in, and I put it on speaker. The line isn’t too chaotic, Bianca is taking questions about the DM, when a man’s voice starts saying I have a question.

My sister and I both freeze, because ITS JARED PADALECKI!!!!!!!!!!!! We start screaming to everyone that it’s him, but nobody is listening. Bianca is tryng to get us to shut up, because she want’s to hear the other fan’s question. And Jared is just laughing at me, while I try and let everyone know. Finally, I yell


There is complete and utter silence except for a familiar laugh. Then hundreds of fangirls all squeal at the same time. You can hear Misha trying to reign some sort of order, and Jensen telling Jared and Misha to put it away, because it’s too loud and he’s trying to direct and episode.

But Jared Padalecki laughed at me.

That makes me very happy.