Ryo-chan making things awkward since 1984

Being an idol is not so easy.

Because being an idol means always smiling and giving hopes and excitements to the fans, no matter what they are going through.

But they do have those moments. Where they can’t hold it.
And with tears in their eyes they always say, “Thank you” to all the fans out there.

Yet behind all these tears are countless struggles and obstacles that we will never, ever understand.

Yes, we might be the ones supporting and cheering them. But the amount of incredible things they give us in return is indescribable.
Those tears represent what they went through for us fans. They represent what they fought for and obtained, for us to be their fans.

So Thank You to all of them for always being our idols and giving us everything so beautiful.

Fans and idols. We support each other.

Tegoshi’s Cross-dressing History

I’ve been collecting data for a long time and it’s time I finish the project. 

Ok, so here’s a comprehensive list of Tegoshi’s public cross-dressing. It’s roughly chronological but most dates are approximate (for videos broadcast dates are used).

2003.11.16 Ya-ya-yah (princess)

Note: This actually happened around the time of the princess’ 16th birthday.

2004.01.18 Ya-Ya-yah

2008.12.23  Santa girl (Live Diamond tour in Nagoya) 

2009.01.11 Schoolgirl (Live Diamond tour in Osaka) 

2009.08.20 Tegomass no Uta concert (princess)

2010 (early) Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.1

2010 (early) Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.6

2010 NEWS 2010-2011 calendar

2010.(07.30-08.01??) Tegomass no Ai concert 

2010.09.25 LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! concert

2011 (early) Deka Wanko

2011.12.18 Cheerleader (Tegomass no Mahou tour)

2011.12.27 Santa girl (Tegomass no Mahou tour)

2012.09 Myojo (princess)

2013.01.30 Pikaru no Teiri

2013.02.24 ItteQ Entertainer Tegoshi in Barcelona (Drag queen)

2013.06 Life of NEWS (Schoolgirl)

2013.12.01 Midnight Otameshika

2014 Tegomass no Seishun tour 

Other notable costumes I didn’t include:

He had a bunch of early cross-dressings in Ya-ya-yah including a nurse and an old woman. He had two very girly kimonos for Tegomass’s two appearances on Hanbi Taikai but I decided not to count them as actual cross-dressing since it wasn’t intended as such. Also in 2009.02.25 Dream Boys he appeared as Yankumi (red jersey + glasses) but that wasn’t really proper cross-dressing so I didn’t count it.