And now he won’t do it...

It was then…

S: Of course nobody would want to marry you! Anyone would be wary of your cross-dressing habit!

M: There are people who like to cross-dress but there are shops where people who keep it a secret from their parents can take pictures, right? The shops where people who want to cross-dress but hide it go.

T: To hide it from their parents. If that’s the case, my parents already know. By the way, I do not have a cross-dressing habit.

NEWS LIVE TOUR 2013☆8/26 Nagoya MC 

And recently, when talking about Massu’s recent Biteki photoshoot…

M: Tegoshi’s was amazing though, the one before me.

T: Ah, the one where I did female make-up.

S: Why did you do female make-up anyway?

T: I don’t know! I was surprised myself!

S/M/K: No way!

T: Really! Since you said I have a cross-dressing habit so many times they said “that’s why, you did make-up too, since Tego-nyan is feminine and many girls would see Tego-nyan’s make-up and would want to do it too so how about it?” They talked with great pressure so I said yes. Really! Though it’s true that I have a cross-dressing habit…

S/M/K: (laughing)

T: I used to cross-dress at encore.

M: I’m just glad you got tired of that.

T: That’s because I was delicate. I didn’t go to the gym.


Right, because Tegoshi is so easy to pressure into something. You guys need to shut up and just let him do it and be the Queen, he doesn’t need to make up excuses to be fabulous. Bet y’all just desperately trying to save the remains of your heterosexuality.

NEVERLAND Wakayama Concert 05/27/2017 ~Report translation~ 

Tegoshi explains about his scandals

“I have two things that I want to tell you guys. 

The first one is about the tickets. It is true that my parents and people that I am thankful for come see NEWS concerts. However, they actually pay their own money to come see it. For instance, my parents joined the fan club with their own name and get the tickets through the same process as you guys do. So, please know that Johnny’s absolutely does not give out free tickets.

The second thing is about the guy who has been rumored. First of all, I discovered about this guy’s name and his face for the first time, and I do not have any relationship with him at all. It was seven years ago, so maybe when I was 22 or 23? At that time, I took the picture with him without thinking much, and that has caused some accusations. But whatever that has been rumored and is going around is not true. 

I am going to be yelled at by the agency later on for saying these things on my own. But I am a selfish guy (for not listening to the agency), and I wanted to clear this up for everyone. I am sorry.

That being said, just because I said these things on my own, that does not mean other Johnny’s members are the same. Just because they are not speaking with their own words about their scandals, that does not mean the scandals are true. They have their own reasons for not being able to say it. 

I am sorry for making you guys feel uncomfortable during the first half of the concert. But let’s have fun for the second half!“ 

At the end of the concert, he commented:

“To be honest, I have never felt this scared to stand on a stage before. But I love all of you so much. As long as my body exists, I will do this job. So please continue being a part of NEWS.” 

Thank you, Tegoshi, for always showing us your love for us through your justified beliefs and exact actions. You are my idol who I look up to and respect as a person that is so brave and doesn’t fear to stand up for things he loves. 

He very well knew that by speaking us about his issue, he would get into a huge trouble afterwards. But he could care less about it because he felt the need to tell us with his own words. This shows how much he cherishes his fans, as well as his job and NEWS itself. 


Ryo-chan making things awkward since 1984


《ザ少年倶楽部プレミアム》-Shounen Club Premium 03.15.17

Each member has their own strengths and weaknesses; so they cover up those weaknesses for each other, and let each other shine whenever those strengths are needed.

Massu mentioned how Shige’s singing ability has improved by a lot. He said that the fans might have noticed it too, but as a member who sings with him, he feels that way more than anyone else.

Massu also said that the members have passed the point where they stopped telling Tegoshi to stop being such a goof ball and sometimes inappropriate (to the extent where the directors have to cut it to show on TV). According to Massu, this is because he trusts Tegoshi for things he does, and if that part of Tegoshi is lost, then it will be boring.

On the other hand, when Massu does his jokes and gags, Shige and Kchan don’t always react to it and just let it pass. But Tegoshi justified that by saying that when he’s looking at them in those situations, he can tell that Shige and Kchan are ignoring Massu on purpose sometimes because they know that the jokes won’t bring them anywhere (doesn’t lead to anything more). But when they know that it will, they actually pick it up and react to Massu’s silliness.

K-chan mentioned that when they sing for the show with live orchestras/bands, his hands don’t stop shaking due to the nerves–he says the amount of pressure he has to sing with Tegomass (who are used to singing with live band) is so much.
But when Tegoshi is off the camera, he secretly puts thumbs up when K-chan hits the right note.

Along with that, Tegoshi expressed his desire to lead everyone in the singing field, while giving credits to K-chan for his ability to talk well on the show and doing such a good job as an Emcee.

It’s just these little things that makes my love for this group grow even more.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but they’re incredible.

zephyrk replied to your photoset“They only had to stay in the detox baths for 10-15 minutes but you…”

I’m a little confused about what fans see in Tegoshi. He’s not expected to act like an adult, let alone a man about to turn 30. He’s celebrated for being a disruptive, selfish, annoying, self absorbed, tween princess. Can someone explain the attraction? Is it really as simple as some people thinking he has a pretty face?

I’m a little confused why you would leave this question on this particular post out of all Tegoshi posts but considering there’s a good chance it would still be my post, I’ll try to answer it.

While highly attractive looks play an important part in any celebrity’s popularity, I believe there’s a number of other significant contributing factors.

The first and probably the most crucial factor is that he is strong. People are drawn to strong personalities, even if they’re problematic. Perhaps even more when they’re problematic. Moreover, when someone talks with passion and confidence, there’s a good chance people will look up to that person, even when the things they say are dubious. Some of the things Tegoshi says are dumb but some are pretty good. His “you can do anything” attitude is inspiring and motivating for a lot of people. For one, Tegoshi has extraordinary willpower, he keeps trying then most people would have given up long ago and that’s something to be admired. 

Another reason is that he is controversial is many ways and that makes him interesting and intriguing. For instance, he generally has a very manly attitude and high competitiveness but he also has distinct feminine traits and he switches between the two easily. He can be obnoxious but can also get shy. And, perhaps, most importantly, he can act like as ass but can also be considerate and caring if you look past the veneer. It’s hard to tell just how much of him is public image and how much is real personality. You can never quite figure him out and every time you think you have, he shows a different side of himself. 

These are, of course, just some of the reasons. There’s probably also his devotion of his fans, extensive fanservice, shippability and other things. I can understand some people might despise him but he is hard to ignore. I can’t speak for all Tegoshi fans but most Tegoshi fans I have met were very level-headed people who know that he can be quite a douche and would be the first ones to admit it. Therefore, I think that Tegoshi is not loved for being self-absorbed and annoying, but rather loved in spite of it.