Tegan Rain Quin

i kind of have a thing for girls that look like they could beat me up but wouldn’t bc they are too busy cuddling me instead 

aka tegan rain quin

tegan getting ready to terrorize the town with her girl gang

ARMS do nOT look at me

wth she is so strong but also so soft i do not understand ???

in this picture tegan is about to run me over with a car

and im not complaining tbh

she is like half my size but its time like these i forget that

oh my god this gif would be bad enough without the damn smile at the end

**** fuck you ?? fuck me 

who gave her permission to wear a snapback

don’t mess with tee tee

and we can’t forget sara…

leather jacket?? studs?? LIPSTICK

angry sasa really gets me going just saying

but you know my favorite part about their tough girl look?

inside, we all know they are nothing more than sunshine and rainbows 

in conclusion, all these masterposts tell me is that im much gayer than originally planned

** none of these gifs are mine, all credit to owners