just finished restocking a bunch of sold out apparel in the shop! also snuck in a brand new tee, it’s full of cacti and says “all of my favorite pricks” on it. like always my apparel comes in limited runs so if you want one, click here and get one before your size sells out! 

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Planet X” by Pykee Lambaco

In case you missed the announcement earlier, we just kicked off our Labor Day Sale! What does that mean for all you hard workers out there? It means that all tees are currently $14 - even this week’s newest designs! It doesn’t end at the tees, though, because we have tons of other deals from 30-60% off!

Check out this week’s newest tees!


We’re gearing up for the long holiday weekend with a chance to scoop up $14 tees and tons of other great deals starting at 30% off! What other great deals, you say? We’re glad you asked:

Let’s kick off the end of summer in style!