“You don’t owe the world a pretty face. You could be the most lumpy, bumpy, pockmarked, misshapen, and hirsute son of a bitch ever to walk the earth, and you would still be just as entitled to a chair by the pool, a teeny bikini, and the feel of sunshine on your skin as some girl with creamy skin and shiny hair and thighs the size of matchsticks. Look around you, and you’ll notice: an awful lot of people aren’t beautiful. Some people aren’t even borderline good-looking! Does that make them less worthy of love, happiness, and fruity drinks with little paper umbrellas in them?”
—Kat Rosenfield


Thanks for keeping me company in the stream tonight, guys! 

i’ll never look at a ham sandwich the same way again and Oikawa in a teeny weeny string bikini is now on the “to draw” list


Cover Me

Chris Jericho/OC. For Anon: Being concerned about tan lines, the reader strips out of her already teeny bikini. Jericho stumbles upon her and immediately covers her and hoists her off to the nearest cabana while going on about how any idiot could have found her and then he’d have to beat up the idiot and tan lines are fine and to get dressed. She refuses and teases him until he gives her good cover… with his own body.

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More Arcade Goodness!  

Those of you who follow me probably have noticed that I adore chokers and collars, and the Sugar Garden’s gacha this round certainly fulfills that need!  So many adorable chokers in many different styles and colors!  

Hazy also has a super adorable gacha this round, with adorable bunny and kitty eared hoodies!  The hardest part is finding cute hairs that fit underneath these adorable hoods!  

Tentacio has the adorable Le Coquette Room set, which features adorable deco and pajamas, like this babydoll!  It’s not a perfect fit under the hoodie, I’ll admit, but I adore the combo enough to ignore the little flaws!

Genesis Lab also has a new gacha, featuring two new rare bento heads (male and female) and some gorgeous skins that should fit all of their bento heads!  I’m rather fond of the new Flor head, as it’s super cute and dreamy!  And the new skins are great too!

Now, I’m a huge fan of BUENO’s arcade gachas, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint!  I’m showing of the “Day” color couch here, which is loaded with great poses and is adorable for the pink lovers!  For those who prefer darker tones, there’s also the “Night” version that comes in monotones!

Arcade SLURL:  Sim 1 :: Sim 2 :: Sim 3

Head:  01 Genesis_Head_Flor_3.2 Bento RARE  
Skin:  06 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Skin_FLOR - SET 3 (Tiramisu+Milk)
Hair:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] Meiko hair (Pastels) (gacha)
Collar:  .tsg. Classy Collar - Rose Pendant - Blue
Hoodie:  Hazy. UsagiNyan. S. Pink Nyan   
Babydoll Dress: *Tentacio* Le Coquette Room. Babydoll blue yellow   
Bathing Suit Bottom:  Sweet Thing. Teeny Weeny Polka Bikini (Secret Common!) (Maitr.)  
Shoes:  #EMPIRE - Campanula (@ Tropical Summer 2017)   
Couch:  BUENO Day Sofa  
House:  dust bunny . woodland dreams . penrose treehouse . boxed . RARE   (gacha reveal site)   

iconic rap monster lyrics
  • “welcome, first time with BTS?”
  • “rap monster, like my name”
  • “i can eat up any kind of beat like a monster”
  • “hey swagg”
  • “runch randa and rapmon
    are both part of me”
  • “i’d pick my nose out of boredom”
  • “all girls of the world would want me, ready to die”
  • “i know you suck suck”
  • “now look at me and tell me, who’s in your top 5?
    Rap Monster, Randa, Rida, Rapmon, your dad”
  • “i’m a rap wiper, a complete psycho, if i’m a dicer,
    then i have all the dice”
  • “i rap about big things” 
  • “i’m chew you and swallow, you’re bubblegum”
  • “your sexy mind and your sexy body
    you were even born with sexy brain wrinkles”
  • “that makes me wanna party on your body”
  • “i want to walk on you/strip you”
  • “well I like beef jerky so it’s yookpo generation”
  • “i will go see the person who created Converse Highs
    then i’ll tell that person, you saved the world”
  • “i’m yo pocket monster 
  • “but why does it feel like i’m having indigestion?”
  • “yo my genie, Lamborghini, be my teenie weenie mini
    you’re a bikini and martini, Mercedes so hot”
  • “bibidi babidi bubidi babidi. nimini namini jirimi chakami”