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anonymous asked:

Would Theodore be like Armitage, a general or a like Kylo, a knight of ren or possibly a jedi. Also would he be like "good" or "bad" ?

Theodore would be trained in the Force like his Papa but he will have inherited his Father’s natural talent for elite strategy so technically, he should be an incredibly strong Knight, or even a highly intelligent officer.

But he doesn’t put any of his skills to the uses that his parents want.

Theodore would be so rebellious. His passion would lie in piloting and weaponry, he’s the Order’s best sharpshooters but Hux wouldn’t allow him on field missions for fear of him getting hurt, and Kylo would agree. Theodore is still young in their eyes, not ready for close combat.

But Theodore would have this need to prove himself and he’d sneak off in a TIE fighter to worlds where he can show off his skills…until he’s arrested and his parents have to come and get him.

( credit for Theodore Hux goes to @stevesbcrnes )