How to survive a break up
  • forgive - no matter if it was your fault or not, forgive yourself and your partner. 
  • embrace the future - better things are about to come.
  • you should talk about it - tell a friend how you feel. Don’t close yourself in home thinking about the break up. Talking helps, i promise.
  • make boys night/ girls night; watch a good movie and eat high in calories food (strange, but again - i am sure it would help!). Chips, chocolate, ice cream, and even a little bit of alcohol will do you well.
  • might be a cliche, but time heals. it really does. And after a while, you should open your heart so you can love again.

“I love you,” you blurt out before slapping your hand to your mouth.

There’s stunned silence on the other end of the phone and you’re drunk and it’s dark and all you can smell is cheap alcohol and all you can hear is screams of laughter and drunken chatter and you’re not really sure of anything apart from the fact you want nothing more right now than to feel his hands on your waist and his lips on your forehead.

And you love him.

You love him.

—  31/07/2016

Don’t mind me, i’m just connecting with my millennial youth.

“Why are we doing this?” he whispers. His voice is shaking.

His voice never shakes. He never cries.

“You’re leaving,” he tries to reason. “Why are we putting off the inevitable? Why are we giving ourselves even more reasons to break when…” he falters.

The pain in her chest grows a little bit more, just like it has every day since she met him, but her voice is strong. “Because loving you right now, right here, in this moment, is worth it. It’s worth breaking for.”

“Loving you is worth every piece I’ll lose,” she breathes.

—  For you - you will always be worth it, 16/07/2016