Disguising Magic in an Unsupportive Household

1. Crystals: wearing and keeping crystals around is a good way to express your personality and interest in nature without showing that you’re explicitly practicing the craft

2. Herbs: Whether in soaps, candles, or food and drinks, herbs are a good way to share your magical ways through gifts and spending time together without them knowing about your craft. 

3. Gardening and enjoying the outdoors: Most people don’t know that being a witch implies having a love for nature. Maybe suggest gardening as a chore you’d like to have weekly. This is very easy way to spend time with family at the beach on vacation, experiencing a National Park, or in the backyard without them knowing that this is actually a part of your craft. 

An unsupportive household can cause a lot of anger, sadness, and resentment. Don’t forget to keep a journal (Book of Shadows) about your experiences, as an escape, and a way to vent.