Teenwolf S5 Finale


“Loyalties are tested and new alliances forged as Scott and his friends work to stop the Beast before Beacon Hills is razed to the ground.”




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  • Person A:*sleeps*
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  • Person A:
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You Are What You Drink

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Scott x Derek x O/C


Word Count: 2828

Originally posted by dylanobriengirl

           I can hear the music pounding from inside the club and I grin in excitement. Girls are lined up along the side of the wall in their tall heels and short skirts with guys eyeing them up and down waiting to get inside and start making moves on them.

           “We’re going to get you sooo wasted, I take my job as best friend to the birthday boy very seriously.” I giggle, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek and he chuckles.

           “If you guys can just remember that I’m human…” he mutters and Scott laughs.

           “I think the word you’re looking for is lightweight.” Derek adds, “Because Y/N is human too and she can drink just as much as the rest of us.”

           Stiles grumbles something incoherently and I wrap my arms around him, leaning my head against his chest.

           “It’s okay, I’ll teach you my ways.” I whisper in his ear, smirking.

           Stiles and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Our families have always been really close, particularly our moms until his mother passed away and my father skipped out on my mom and I.

           I look up at my best friend, taking in his features. His hair is disheveled in its usual messy fashion because he keeps running a hand nervously through it. He jiggles a leg anxiously and I bite my lip. Stiles has always been shy, a big aspect of his social anxiety, and I know that dragging him out for his birthday was definitely way out of his comfort zone.

           “IDs?” The bouncer asks and we flash him our IDs, “Happy birthday, man.” He says, clapping a hand on Stiles’ back before stamping our hands and letting us in. Scott and Derek follow close behind us and I can feel Stiles inch closer to me.

           “So what do we do now?” He asks and I smile at him sweetly.

           “Now we sit back and watch the master do her work.” Derek laughs, grabbing a beer from a table and shoving it into Stiles’ hands, “Drink up.”

           “Work what?” Stiles asks in confusion, “and I can’t just drink some random’s drink” He adds quickly and Derek glares at him.

           “Just drink it, I’ll get you something better.” I giggle before walking away from them and off towards the bar, shoving my way through the crowds of people. Hot, sweaty, bodies press against me and I slip past a few guys that try to pull me in to dance with them.

           “4 AMF’s please,” I ask the man behind the bar when I finally get up to the counter.

           “Make that 5.” A voice interrupts from behind me, handing the bartender a crisp one hundred dollar bill and the bartender nods.

           “Thank you.” I say sweetly, turning around to face him, and leaning back against the bar slightly so that I can look up at him.

           To say he was cute would be an understatement. He’s wearing a fitted black t-shirt with a dark pair of jeans. His blonde hair flops over his forehead and his blue eyes have a glimmer of mischief.

           “So what’s a girl like you doing here alone?” He asks, his voice comes out in a smooth rumble with a slight twang.

           “Who says I’m alone?” I ask, quirking an eyebrow at him and he grins. “I’m here with some friends for their birthday.”

           I turn back around and grab the tray of drinks from the bar and start to walk away from him. He trails after me, but I don’t give him a glance back.

           The guys have found a small booth and I slide the tray of drinks onto the table before dropping down onto an open seat.

           “Drink up,” I say with a grin before grabbing a glass and the guys quickly follow suit.

           “So where’s the birthday girl?” The blonde asks and I grin up at him.

           “Who said anything about a birthday girl?” I ask him in a purr and Derek chuckles.

           The blonde smirks at me, shaking his head slightly and lets out a small laugh.

           “Don’t worry, man. You’re not the first guy that’s been played by her.” Scott adds, downing more of his drink.

           “You’re still working on the beer?” I ask Stiles, nudging him playfully and he glares at me.

           “It’s not that great, I don’t really like drinking bitter poison.” He says rudely and I bristle at his attitude.

           “Yeah well it must be perfect for you then, since you are what you drink. And you’re both bitter as fuck.” I snap at him before sliding out of the booth. Derek and Scott look at me in surprise, but I ignore them.

           “Come on, I’ll make it up to you about those drinks.” I say to the blonde, taking hold of his hand and pulling him towards the dance floor. He trails behind me slightly and I can feel his gaze on my body as he lets out a low appreciative whistle.

           “Gladly,” He says in a low voice and I smirk.

           I find us a small, empty section of the dance floor and let go of his hands, beginning to sway my hips. There’s a slight pause, then he comes up behind me and his hands are on my waist. His fingers splay across my hipbones as I sway my hips against him.

           The alcohol and my anger with Stiles swirl throughout me, creating a slight haze and I’m determined to lose myself in the pounding base. He pulls my hair away from my neck and drops a few slow kisses onto the sensitive skin there and I tilt my head back against his chest. Not even knowing his name flashes across my mind, but I shove the thought away deciding that I don’t even care.

           His lips trail down along my skin and I slide my hand up to wrap behind his neck as I continue to move my body against the rhythm of the music. He sucks a rough kiss onto the pressure point of my neck and I shiver.

           The hands against my hips are gone and I hear a low growl before his body isn’t behind mine anymore. I turn, looking behind me to see a very angry Stiles glaring at the blonde.

           “Can I help you?” I ask him scathingly, my voice dripping with sass.

           “What are you thinking Y/N?” Stiles snaps at me, “Rubbing yourself over him like you’re some girl who’ll drop her skirt for some drinks.”

           “At least I know how to let loose and have some fucking fun once in a while unlike you..” I retort, tossing my hair over my shoulder as I shoot a glare at him.

           His gaze drops to my neck and a look of rage washes over his face. “What the fuck is that.” He snarls, turning to look at the other guy, “What the fuck made you think you had any right to put your lips on her.”

           “Hey man, she was into it.” The blonde snaps back and before anyone can say anything else Stiles fist is slamming into the guys face. “What the fuck.” The guy groans, cradling his face and glaring at Stiles.

           Stiles ignores him, wrapping his hand around my wrist and dragging me after him. I try to pull away from him but he tightens his grip on me. He shoves us past everyone else in the dance floor, not saying a word and I stumble trying to keep up with him. When we get to a door in one of the corners he pulls it open roughly and shoves me through it into the dark alley outside.

           “Stiles what the hell is wrong with you!” I yell at him, glaring at him as he stares back at me, his chest rising and falling quickly with each sharp breath he takes. “I’m sorry you didn’t want to come out for your birthday but get the hell over it and stop acting like a damn child.”

           “Are you fucking kidding me right now, Y/N,” He says in a rough voice, taking a few steps towards me and I stumble back away from him until my back is pressed against the rough exposed bricks of the wall. He pins me in between him and the wall, trapping me between his arms on either side of my body as he fixes me with a piercing stare.

           “I don’t understand what you’re so pissed about. Why are you treating me like I’m over here ruining your life.”

           “Because you are ruining my life!” He says angrily, his voice rising and I flinch as if he’s slapped me, biting my lip to keep myself from giving in to the tears that are pricking at the back of my eyes.

           “You don’t know how much torture it’s been watching you all damn night. In this fucking dress.” He growls, one of his hands slipping down to trail his fingers down the exposed skin of my thigh and I shiver. “This flimsy piece of shit that clings to you and your every move and barely hides anything. All of those assholes in there staring at your ass and you don’t even care.” His hands cup my ass, as he presses closer against me, his breathing ragged with anger and I can feel a flush of heat begin to crawl over my skin.

           “And as if that wasn’t bad enough, watching these guys practically fuck you with their eyes you then waste your attention on one of them. You let him talk to you and see how sassy you are and you smile at him. You let him fucking mark you.” He growls, turning my head and pressing his thumb slightly against the spot that the other guy’s lips had been earlier.

           “Why do you care?” I gasp, the sensation of his fingers against my neck sending shocks of heat running through me, and he pulls back slightly to look at me.

           “Because you’re mine, Y/N, and no one else should be allowed to fucking touch you but me.”

           “Are you, jealous?” I ask him, the thought of him being this fired up over seeing me with someone else turns me on a little more than I’d like to admit.

            “Of course I’m fucking jealous.”

           “Then do something about it.”

           And in that instant it’s like something between us has snapped into place and his lips are on mine. He tugs at my bottom lip with his teeth and I moan as he slips his tongue into my mouth. He wraps his hands under my thighs and I jump up, knowing fully that he’ll catch me as I wrap my legs around his hips. He presses me tighter against the wall, his lips trailing down along my neck and I let out a breathless whimper as his hands begin to caress my thighs where the hem of my short dress has risen up.

           “I have wanted to do this for so fucking long.” He rasps into the crook of my neck as his tongue swirls circles against my skin and I press my core against his hips, grinding slightly and marveling at the delicious friction it creates.

           “Stiles,” I gasp as his mouth slips down to work it’s magic along my collarbones and sliding along the groves of my breasts. “I need you to fuck me.”

           He pulls away, looking at me with dark, lust filled eyes as if silently debating with himself, “Stiles Stilinski I swear to fucking God if you don’t fuck me right here I am going to go back in there and find that guy again.” His jaw clenches angrily and he meets my lips in a bruising kiss.

           My hands slip between us, unbutton his jeans before sliding the zipper down and nudging his jeans off of his hips just enough for me to slip my hands into his boxers. I press my thumb against his tip and he shudders slightly as he groans into my neck. I slide my hand up and down his length, reveling in the moans and grunts he’s making against my ear and I can feel the wetness pooling between my legs.

           “Y/N,” he moans into my ear, letting me drop a little so that I’m not as high up against the wall and am a little lower against his hips. “I don’t know how to do this.” He mumbles against my skin and I smirk at him.

           “Just follow my lead, baby,” I smirk with a wink as I wrap my legs tights around his waist, slipping my hand between us to make sure he’s lined up properly with my entrance before I pull him tightly against me with my legs. His length slips into me and I arch up against him at the feeling of him filling me so completely.

           I let out a whimper as I rock my hips against him and he captures my lips with his again, moaning against my lips as I create more friction between us.

           “Tell me what you need,” He gasps, as I grind against him slightly, creating a different sensation between us.

           “Just don’t drop me,” I murmur as I ghost my lips over his ear, “leave the rest to me.”

           He nods, taking in a shaky breath as he continues to kiss and suck along my nip, hitting all the right points to make me mewl breathlessly. I continue to roll my hips against him, clenching my muscles around his length before releasing them, making him shudder.

           “Holy fuck that feels so good,” He moans as I clench around him again and I lean my head back against the wall, my breasts swelling out of the top of my dress until I’m practically popping out of it. Stiles presses his forehead against my collarbone before flicking his tongue over my nipple, causing it to harden and I gasp, snaking one of my hands into his hair. I pull roughly at his hair as he takes my hardened peak into his mouth, the feeling of his mouth on me causing me to shake with pleasure.

           I reach my other hand down to play with my clit and Stiles’ eyes trail after my hand, watching me. “That is so fucking hot,” He moans, pulling his mouth away from my breast and capturing the other one in his mouth.

           I whimper as I continue to rock my hips against him, sliding his length in and out of me, as the bundle of nerves in the pit of my stomach begin to tighten.

           “Stiles,” I moan in his ear breathlessly and he clenches his hands around my thighs tightly as his jaw clenches.

           “My name sounds so good when you say it like that,” He pants, and I roll my hips against him again. “Come for me, kitten.” He grunts in my ear and I feel like I’m coming undone under his words as my climax hits me. I clench around his length tightly as my orgasm sends me over the edge and I grab the back of his neck, pulling his lips against mine. He works his mouth over mine as he muffles the sounds of my moans as I ride out my orgasm and I can feel him twitch inside of me. When I finally stop shuddering against him I pull away slightly, looking at him breathlessly.

           He looks at me through half-lidded eyes, his eyes still clouded slightly with lust, and his eyes flick to my lips.

           “I just really want to kiss you again.” He mumbles and I smirk before pressing my lips softly against his. His lips move against mine, and I can’t help but feel something spark inside of me.

           The door swings open and a couple of girls stumble out into the alley, and Stiles tenses up slightly as the pass us, nervous about whether or not they could tell what we had been doing I’m sure.

           “Looking good, sexyyy!” One of the girls slurs as she looks over her shoulder and winks at him and I glare at her.

           “Keep moving, bitch.” I snap at her and she flips me off as she and her friend leave the alley and turn left, disappearing from view.

           “Looks like I’m not the only one who gets jealous.” He murmurs against my ear and I roll my eyes.

           “Shut up Stilinski, you know I don’t like to share.” I purr, grinning at him and he kisses me again before finally putting me gentle back on the ground, my legs shaking slightly.

           He’s just barely gotten his jeans zipped and buttoned again when the door opens once more and I look up at surprise at Scott and Derek.

           “Finally!” Scott slurs, swaying slightly and looking at us excitedly, “We found you!”

           Derek looks at us suspiciously, before grinning at us cockily. “Guess you really put the fucking in happy fucking birthday, don’t you Y/N?” Derek asks with a smirk and I roll my eyes at him.

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