Where’s my DCMK kids acting like the sarcastic jerk teen friends most of them are?

Shinichi and Sonoko being judgmental of classmates they dislike and guys that hit on Ran at the beach

Kaito and Aoko just casually taking each other’s food and belongings from their bags and houses because “yeah i didn’t want to do laundry today so i just grabbed one of your sweaters”

The teen detectives milking the “sorry i ran into a mystery and had to help the cops” excuse when they’re late with homework/chores/etc

Kazuha blackmailing Heiji into buying her ice cream so she won’t tell his parents he’s using that excuse

*Aoko does something unladylike* “young lady what would your mother think if she saw you!” “i don’t have a mom”   It doesn’t actually bother her but seeing them try to backpedal is great

*Sera does something embarrassing* “no it’s okay that how it works in America*

Hakuba having a conversation with someone in English, probably saying something unflattering about Heiji. At the end of the conversation Heiji comes in with his opinion on the matter. In perfect English.

Et cetera.