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Hi, I am a pretty little liars fan also. I love the bonding of the cast and crews, a pretty sophisticated cinematography for a teen drama, just the general vibe of the show makes me think this is worth fangirling for. But I really- REALLY- hate how Marlene lies all the time. I know people ask a lot of questions through twitter but she can just not answer them than lying about it , you know? Regardless with the show, I hate her saying stupid stuff. I'm just wondering if you agree with this.

I have to say that I don’t agree. I adore Marlene King. I think she handles everything that’s thrown at her with grace and love. And she gets a lot of hatred from people. Not only that, but 24/7 she is bombarded with questions about the show, people wanting spoilers, people accusing her of not caring about one ship as opposed to another, people flat out demanding she cater to what they want. No matter how thick your skin is, that has got to be tough. She’ll post a photo of her kids and people do nothing but talk about PLL, or post that they have spoilers on their account which personally, I find really disrespectful. 

The thing about writers is that they have to lie. What fun is it if they tell us the truth? If she doesn’t answer, everybody just accuses her of not caring about the show, or the fans, or what we want. Every single writer out there lies. It’s imperative that they do. They don’t do it because they’re cruel or because it’s funny. They do it for our benefit. To make sure we get what they want us to get out of the show and that’s surprises and shock. 

Do you watch BBC Sherlock? They go so out of their way to make sure things don’t get spoiled. They had two characters walk around on set and look like they were buddies and like they had made a deal just to throw people off. There are photos of it and that scene never even happened. The writers even admit to it. 

Any writer will do what they have to do to keep viewers as far in the dark as possible and it’s not a bad thing. That’s just how I feel about it. :)