Teen Drama

i hope that riverdale is one of those shows that gets better, because otherwise... *awkward silence*

I started watching Riverdale hoping it would fill the teen drama hole in my cheap soul that Teen Wolf still has squatter’s rights to, even though I’ve been trying to evict that shitty tenant for some time now. In its earlier seasons I loved Teen Wolf. It was a fun show with a fun storyline, and a lot of potential, and then: 

Anyhow, I though Riverdale might be fun too, but I’m four episodes in and I think my main problem is that this is a show that doesn’t know what it is. Is it an angsty teen drama? Is it satire? Or is it total unashamed melodrama? Who the hell even knows? It doesn’t seem like the writers do. 


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This. Is. the. Best.thing. I’ve. Ever. Seen.😂👌🏻