What signs do/think in the airplane
  • Aries: OMG I need to get out of this place, it's so small ! *gets up to go to the bathroom* I need to stretch my legs !
  • Taurus: *looking by the window* Gosh I don't think this is very safe...
  • Gemini: Why can't I get wifi !?
  • Cancer: *sleeping through the whole flight*
  • Leo: *cracks up while watching a funny movie*
  • Virgo: I could be so productive rn !
  • Libra: I hope there'll be cute guys/girls back there...
  • Scorpio: *looking by the window* WOOOW this is so fun !
  • Sagittarius: *lowers the backrest* *puts headphones* *closes eyes* *sighs*
  • Capricorn: *prepares a detailed schedule and a "To do list" for the upcoming vacation*
  • Aquarius: I wonder what my friends are doing rn... I hope they are okay...
  • Pisces: *drawing on a napkin w/ a pen while frequently looking by the window* *sighs* the sky is so beautiful! *eyes get watery*

starmillinium  asked:

I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID. AS A MATTER OF FACT! *This part has been censored due to the sensetivity of some blog members*-AND THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR YOUR SINGING!

ohh, edgy. You remind me of myself when I was a teeager.

It isn’t a good thing.



Lilian flew through her home like every morning, greeting all her friends all the way, It was the perfect day to fly around and make sure that everything was alright in her home.

Even though every magical creature here could take care of themselves, she always loved to help where she could. And all her friends gladly came to her when they needed help or if something was wrong like…

She was suddenly stopped by three little fairies. They obviously wanted to tell her something very important, but they argued who’s allowed to tell her. “Guys!” She interrupted them. “What’s wrong?”

Then Thistlewit told her that a human thief was here. Once they told her where the human was, she flew there to take care of it.