Fairs. III - Aunt Sally. 
Fairs make me genuinely sad. I don’t know why. But pretty much ever since. This fair is super small, close to where I live. It was suspended for years but revived out of a reason I still don’t understand. I wanted to capture that feeling that I feel at circuses, fairgrounds, fairs etc.
30 degrees. In the air, just the bass out of speaker boxes, the smell of oil, and fastfood. There are almost as many fairground people as visitors. They faces are similar. The stories these faces tell too. PS: For the European Users: you call one of these “shooting galleries” Aunt Sally in American English.


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Everyone with 1

AAAAAAA okay !! HERE I GOOooooo 

1.) already answered !!

10.) what is the most significant event in your life so far?

it’s kinda depressing, but my grandma passing. it was the first time that anyone who i loved had died and it was just really sad and especially towards the end (she had alzheimer’s) and i think that’s why i want to work with dementia sufferers in the future..because i know how hard and upsetting it can be to watch someone go through it?? or to at least continue to donate. there are other happier events that are memorable but i think this one is probably the most significant 

11.) what is one thing (a book, movie, etc) that has greatly affected you?

gee-golly… well, i don’t read books a lot these days… and i don’t really watch a lot of movies tbh… umm… i’m pretty sure that i cried a lot at The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (we had to watch it in R.E class when i was 12) and my English teacher (for some reason) was OBSESSED with Forest Gump and made us watch it every time we had a free lesson… but i still kinda love it  : )) 

21.) art or music? 

*deep thought time* … but… aren’t they both forms of art?? :))) which means i like them both equally 👉😉👉

31.) what age did you stop keeping stuffed animals on your bed?

mWAAA-HAAAA HAAAA … i will nEVER. EVER. stop keeping stuffed animals on my bed. : ))) 

41.) already answered!! 

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