The Perfect Script for a former Phenom's Dominant Comeback

It’s been a year since Stephen Strasburg last pitched. 

We all know the story by heart, now. Or at least did as it was happening.

The most hyped pitching prospect since forever was on his way to bowling over opposing hitters after a midseason call up. He made the Washington Nationals relevant amid a bad first few seasons in which the best thing that’s happened was pitcher Mike Bacsik allowing Barry Bonds to break Hank Aaron’s home run record. 

When Strasburg and his 100 mph fastball took the mound, people paid attention. Regular season games drew more interest than postseason was, games in which the Nationals played in. This is the same team that, in 2009, had one of the worst rotations of all time. It was so bad that the Nats released its ace before opening day, a decision that mystified all then but eventually made sense. Remember John Patterson? Me neither, had to look him up. 

Like almost all baseball stories in recent memory* involving a can’t miss prospect with A plus stuff and a blazing fastball, Strasburg dazzled, before succumbing to season ending elbow ligament replacement surgery. The Phenom’s magic season was abruptly cut off, just as many feared but refused to acknowledge at the height of his rookie season. 

With a nod towards justice, however, Strasburg returns to pitch against one of the most punchless lineups this season, going head-to-head against a diametrically opposed lefty finesse pitcher who’s already had a long and fulfilling career. 

Ted Lilly is down by two runs as I type. Strasburg has already struck two batters out. It’s only the first inning.

The rest of the former phenom’s career is staring him in the eye. Let’s hope that this time, it ends well. For the sake of the Nationals, and more importantly, for the sake of baseball. Because when Strasburg throws, the nation watches. 

About Last Night's 11-4 Loss Against the D-Backs. It Makes Sense

The Dodgers got somewhat of a beat down last night and lost 11-4 to the Arizona Diamondbacks. I have absolutely no problems with it. In fact I needed it, the Dodgers needed it…I think we all needed it.

The Dodgers had won 6 straight games, and 3 of which came against the 25-19 Cardinals. Not a bad team by any means, in fact one of the top teams in the National league. And the Dodgers swept them, check that, the Dodger bench swept them. 

That didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Ted Lilly, starting off at 5-0 didn’t make a whole lot of sense either. And neither did the clutch performances of Elian Herrera, Justin Sellers, Jerry Sands, Scott Van Slyke, and Ivan De Jesus, who all came up big in the last few amazing Matt Kemp-less wins.

The Dodgers are still going to be a great team this year, even when things are actually making sense - it’s just healthy to be brought back down to reality every now and then. Especially when half of your team is hurt.

So thanks for bringing us back down, Arizona.

The Dodger’s next matchup is between the 4-1 Clayton Kershaw with a 1.90 ERA vs. the 3-3 Lucas Harrell with a 4.09 ERA of the 21-23 Houston Astros. Given the team and the pitching matchup, we can expect Kershaw to have a 9-12 K night on a 5-2 LA win.

That would make sense.

Dodgers Give the New Boss a Night To Remember, Pound Giants 9-1


In the Dodgers first home-game under new ownership, Ted Lilly continued his dominance and the offense behind him had no trouble scoring runs tonight, beating their arch-rivals in their first matchup of the season, 9-1.

Lilly, now 4-0 is having a Kershaw-like season. He has a 1.41 ERA and just tied Chris Capuano for the most wins for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers jumped to a 1 run lead in the 3rd, then scored 2 in the 6th and 1 in the 7th. But they really took off in the 8th inning after James Loney, made a 2-run saving dazzling diving catch to maintain the lead and end the innig. This seemed to propel them to a 5 run 8th. The Dodgers loaded the bases and ended up scoring 5 in a flurry of hits.

Keys to Win:

  • Lilly went 6 very strong innings, allowing just 1 run on 4 hits, 6 K’s, and 2 walks
  • Team hitting for the Dodgers, totaling 13. 8 different Dodgers had hits and Ethier, Abreu, and AJ Ellis all had 2 hits. Matt Kemp went 3 for 3 and raised his average above .400 again. He’s at .406


  • Dee recorded 2 errors on the same sequence of plays as Angel Pagan grounded to shortstop and ended up at second on a routine ground-ball to short. Dee misplayed the ball and then tried to recuperate and threw it away. Luckily that run did not come in to score. At the time, the Dodgers were only up 1-0.
  • Matt Kemp had to leave the game to give his hamstring a rest in the top of the 8th inning. 
  • Magic and the gang were in the house signing some autographs. 
  • James Loney turned 28 today and didn’t start, but came up big witha  diving catch in the 8th inning to save 2 runs. 
  • Lilly has 7 game winning streak since September of last year. 
  • Each team had 3 errors. 2 by Dee and 1 by Kemp for the Dodgers and 1 one each by Gillaspie, Edlefsen, and Posey for the Giants.