Possible Drake Family Theory

 (Will expand on this asap.)


Ted and Mary are likely connected. Mary and Ted were in Latin America at the same time. Mary was in Germany at some point and Ted has german memorabilia, he wore a vintage german doctor’s costume when handing out candy (from a dish that looked like Ali reaching from the grave incidentally)

Ted has mentioned having a divorce lawyer, so has had some family likely. I’ve wondered if he is Mr Young and CeCe is really Bethany. 

In the dollhouse family Mary is pregnant with Spencer.

Wilden and Cece are twins (Wilden may be the real Charles) Wilden and CeCe often fought like siblings and are the twins from the Halloween story) They loved playing with their dolls and the liars as dolls.

Mona was A in season 1-2. Wilden stole the game in season three. His texts were signed “-A”, CeCe tried to steal it from Wilden and began using the A persona as “Kisses -A”. CeCe killed Wilden (or they faked it using the masks) and CeCe stole the game from Wilden. This is evidenced by the text while the liars passed his body “your mine now, kisses A.

After CeCe is killed by either Wilden, or they again faked her death and took the name of AD.

Much of the story has gone back to Radley and the church, time and time again. If Mary and Ted have a history so much of the storyline would make sense.

Working on a detailed theory I will have up soon.

anonymous asked:

I came here for dd101 and stayed because you are delightful. And I have now developed a strange fascination with Boostle despite having never read their canon lol. I was wondering if it's ever explained how Rip got his name? I especially love your fics with Boostle being his parents, but when I look at the images of Booster at Ted's grave with the huge "RIP Ted Kord" I can't help but think that he was named after his other dad... (I'm sorry) (maybe it was an inside joke post magical fix it?)

Rip’s name anon: immediately after sending that I realized it could also be that they wanted to name their kid “ripcord” haha

Nope, they’ve never explained it! I should probably clarify that Rip is actually an older character than Booster - Rip was introduced in 1959, Booster in 1987, and Rip retconned into being Booster’s son in 2006 or so. (That’s right, Legends of Tomorrow fans! Rip Hunter is Booster Gold’s son! COME BE IN BOOSTLE FANDOM WITH MEEEEEE.) So originally “Rip” was just a nickname for Richard but, like, in a 1950s Cool Guy way.

Nowadays, “Rip Hunter” is canonically an alias to keep Evil Time Guys from hunting him down in his cradle and killing him, so his real name is a mystery, though the surname is probably Carter. I tend to headcanon his real name as Daniel James Carter (Daniel is a common name in Booster’s family/his IRL creator’s name/the first Blue Beetle’s name, and the James would be an anglicization of godfather Jaime’s name), but “Theodore Carter” as a tribute works for me too!

Anyway they would toooootally go for “RIP Ted Kord” or “Rip Kord”/ripcord as terrible pun names but true story: my headcanon is that Guy nicknamed baby Daniel that because he farted a lot, and it stuck. Hence my headcanon that Rip was a stinky, troublesome baby, mostly because it makes me laaaaaugh.

Ted Daniel, Milford Graves, Frank Lowe, Juma Sultan, Noah Howard, James DuBoise, unknown, Sam Rivers, and Ali Abuwi outside Studio We, 1973.

In the late 1960s and 1970s, with New York City’s socioeconomic scaffolding rickety and near collapse, abandoned industrial spaces in Lower Manhattan were buttressed by artists. Painters, appropriators, and sculptors converted nineteenth-century sweatshops into studios, and dance-happy DJs turned these same buildings into the first cathedrals of disco.

One of the most fecund, though least documented, scenes was chiseled out by jazz musicians, most young, black, and with eclectic leanings. These post-Coltrane free players, and free thinkers — shunned by a mainstream in the midst of commodifying the “counterculture” — lived, rehearsed, and performed in these loft spaces, usually in or around Soho.

The movement, and the music, became known as “loft jazz,” an iffy if not outright divisive term. Was it a style? A genre? An ideology? An attitude? Many of the musicians found the phrase confining, despite the high ceilings, while others saw possibility. (Ah, low rents as creative enabler!)

This show is mathematical! I was a huge fan of the short, and now I think it’s become one of the best shows being made today.
I’ve got a half colored, poster size version of this sitting on my pc, but I’m taking a break from it for a little while to do other things, so I’m throwing the lines up here for now as a checkpoint. Feel free to color it if you like, just credit me in the description.

Adventure Time © Pendleton Ward
Art © Ted Graves


So I’m gonna pretend this is how it ended okay?

(cue Yellow Umbrella Scene – everything else didn’t happen idc what you’re saying)

Ted: And that was how I met your mother

Penny: That’s all? Why did you have to tell us that story anyway?

Luke: That was definitely a way to talk about Aunt Robin, wasn’t it? Did Uncle Barney do something again?

Ted: *raise an eyebrow* You really don’t remember the date, do you?

Kids: What?

Ted: It’s your mom’s death anniversary.

Kids: …oh.

Ted: And we’re meeting with the gang. Your Aunt Robin’s coming home.

(cue them going to the grave, Ted talking to the grave and saying “Hey, Trace, I’ve told the kids every story I’ve told you. They’re still not as good at listening as you. God, I miss you.”

Robin announcing her and Barney finally adopting because work is much more easy now that they’re this old. Barney telling the grave how Tracy helped him so much, how talking to her changed his life so much, how he’s so thankful he met her. They miss her, he’d say. They will always miss her.

Lily and Marshall bringing their youngest child Glen and talking about how Aunt Tracy was the one who made a new lullaby for Daisy and Glen. How the kids’ favorite cookies was a recipe from Aunt Tracy.

Then fade away to the gang sitting at the porch with one empty seat beside Ted. They all stare at that seat, then flashback to the first time they sat there together.

Fade out.)