Joe Byrd Cemetery

Joe Byrd Cemetery, located in Huntsville, Texas, is a site for dead prison inmates whose bodies were not claimed by their relatives. Either the prisoners had no remaining family members, or they were disowned due to the nature of their crimes. Traditionally, funerals are held on a Thursday and around 100 prisoners are buried at the cemetery. The only epitaph engraved onto the headstones is the prisoners name, their prison number, and the date they died.

This show is mathematical! I was a huge fan of the short, and now I think it’s become one of the best shows being made today.
I’ve got a half colored, poster size version of this sitting on my pc, but I’m taking a break from it for a little while to do other things, so I’m throwing the lines up here for now as a checkpoint. Feel free to color it if you like, just credit me in the description.

Adventure Time © Pendleton Ward
Art © Ted Graves

Technical Sketches of X’s innards. I somehow quelled my desire to give him twisty tube intestines.

Most of this stuff is based off of real robotics, except for the crazy fantasy parts like the gun and the brain and what not, so I like to think that the moving parts would actually work. I did lots of research. The gun is based off of lightsaber designs. I know. Mega-nerd. And yes, I did lift the main pose from the cover of X8.

Oh, and to anybody who wants to contest my design as flawed and impossible…FUTUUUUURE TECHNOLOGYYYYYY!

Rock Man series © Capcom
Designs © Ted Graves