This show is mathematical! I was a huge fan of the short, and now I think it’s become one of the best shows being made today.
I’ve got a half colored, poster size version of this sitting on my pc, but I’m taking a break from it for a little while to do other things, so I’m throwing the lines up here for now as a checkpoint. Feel free to color it if you like, just credit me in the description.

Adventure Time © Pendleton Ward
Art © Ted Graves

Technical Sketches of X’s innards. I somehow quelled my desire to give him twisty tube intestines.

Most of this stuff is based off of real robotics, except for the crazy fantasy parts like the gun and the brain and what not, so I like to think that the moving parts would actually work. I did lots of research. The gun is based off of lightsaber designs. I know. Mega-nerd. And yes, I did lift the main pose from the cover of X8.

Oh, and to anybody who wants to contest my design as flawed and impossible…FUTUUUUURE TECHNOLOGYYYYYY!

Rock Man series © Capcom
Designs © Ted Graves

“What’s goin’ on with that radio?”

An old piece, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2.

Mixed the costume with the one from the movie, since I like the floor length apron MADE FROM THE SKIN OF HIS VICTIMS better than the knee-length one.

Photoshop 7.0, wacom.

Pyramid Head © Konami

Save My Dog WIP - 10-22-14

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted a video. Dogs are in the game and working! They sit like good boys/girls until you reach them, then they follow you loyally. The player can now whistle, and the closest dog will answer with a “bark!” Right now they’re lined up like back up singers, but eventually they’ll probably be in a circle around the player. I have other plans for these mutts as well, so stay tuned!

Save My Dog WIP - 12-11-14

Been a while since I last posted a video, here’s a taste of what I’ve been working on. Apart from fixing an imperial shitton of bugs, I’ve been making ZOMBIES! These zombie hordes are fully randomized, they have 108 unique clothing/hairstyle combinations, and once the colors have been randomized as well, there are literally millions of different zombies shambling out to eat your brains. That’s why it’s been a while since my last update, I hand animated 836 individual frames to make this zombie horde as diverse as possible. I’ve also transferred the game into 3D! This was always the plan, I just had more important things to do before I got around to that. There’s a new damage system as well. Certain weapons will dole out damage over time. Also, each weapon is assigned one of these four elements: physical, fire, ice, or lightning, and all enemies have varying resistances to these elements. While all weapons will do damage, each enemy has a specific weakness. Zombies, for example, are weak to fire. Light em up!