Ted Kennedy


Stars and Stripes Forever

Happy Independence Day!

“Sen. Edward M. Kennedy conducts the Boston Pops in ‘The Stars and Stripes Forever’ during a tribute concert to the senator during the 2004 Democratic National Convention at Symphony Hall in Boston.”

Jackie was a blessing to my family and to the nation, and a lesson to the world on how to do things right, how to be a mother, how to appreciate history, how to be courageous. No one else looked like her, spoke like her, wrote like her, or was so original in the way she did things. No one we knew ever had a better sense of self. - Ted Kennedy

Schools and teachers are under constant attack from right wing privatization and union-busting smears. When you elect Republicans, you choose to undermine the future of so many. You choose to keep a neighborhood down. To rob the future from a child.

All these affluent people spending thousands to get into private universities, all while trying to keep the competition down by attacking public schools, from pre-school through high school. They know education is important, just not for people they decided were undeserving.