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If The Gang Shared A House Together

Ted: He would be making majority of the income to support the household as a whole, therefore he would get the biggest bedroom in the entire house. There would always be a bottle of red wine in the fridge and he’d have a glass of it every once in a while. Everyone in the house would think he would have the most class, but in reality he has ladies in and out of the house frequently. He doesn’t want to use his bed to have intercourse so he usually uses Adam’s bed because his room is always clean.

Adam: He would spend all day vacuuming and cleaning the house from top to bottom. As soon as he was done, he’d flop onto the couch, only for one of the other boys to burst in the door, tracking mud all over the carpet. On the very rare occasion that Adam would have the house to himself, he would blast Rihanna as loud as the speakers would go and loose himself in the music. When he would try to twerk, it would resemble a baby bird learning to fly for the very first time. In the midst of all the dancing, he’d knock over a lamp. He’d blame it on TJ and yell at all of the lads about how they would need to be more careful.

Jeffrey: The weird smell drafting through the vents would be Jeffrey’s doing. He’d be knocking out animals to disect using chloroform. Jeffrey going downstairs while wearing a gas mask would be a normal and frequent thing going on. Sometimes when Jeff would be doing work on animals he’d forget to put a sign on the door that said DO NOT OPEN, so he’d end up knocking out poor Richard who just came to tell him dinner was ready.

TJ: He would probably be the biggest slob in the house. Dirty boxers left on the stairs would be the reason Dylan fell down the stairs. He’d steal Ted’s wine just to make him mad and then put the bottle back after Ted went out and bought a whole other bottle. He wouldn’t care about anything at all getting broke or ruined except for the secret baby blanket he still slept with under his normal covers.

Richard: He likes his food spicy. Instead of adding peppers and other things to his own food like a normal person would, he’d dump it in the whole meal everyone would be eating. He knows that some of the boys in the house can’t stand spicy food, so he could have a bigger serving than usual. His most prized possession is a rainbow knife, which he accidentally used on Eric once when he’d been trying to sneak through the window without waking anyone because he locked himself out.

Eric: His habit of shooting out in the forest without a proper gun license is why the police show up at the house, busting down the door at 2:30am. The worst person to wake up in the morning is Eric. Even when he’s nice in the morning, he’s still a dick. Monday mornings are the worse time for him to be awake because he’d stayed up all night playing DOOM. He would be most guilty for drinking orange juice straight out of the jug and not getting a glass. And yes, he’d backwash. In his room he would have a huge Nazi flag that took up an entire wall.

Dylan: While Dylan seems like he’d be the most innocent and neutral in the house, that’s not the case. After slipping on TJ’s dirty boxers, falling downstairs, his long legs flailing behind him, only to land on his huge nose, he’d HATE TJ. He’d hide his rage, but once everyone was asleep, he’d get a washable marker out of the kitchen, and a permanent marker as well. He’d draw a mustache on everyone in the house including himself using the washable marker, and fuck TJ’s face up as much as possible using the non washable marker. And yes, he’d write SUB-BOTTOM in all capital letters on TJ’s forehead.

If The Gang Went To A Bar

Eric: flirts with all the girls that are deemed “out of his league” and refuses to leave the bar until he gets laid. Trips over his trenchcoat on the way out the door flat onto his face.

Dylan: feels very awkward without eric by his side to help boost his ego because everyone is making out with someone. drinks vodka by the bottle.

Jeff: gets really drunk, flirting with all the boys and is later found flirting with a plastic plant

Adam: Keeps To Himself. Orders A Drink And Gags Because He Hates The Taste Of It. Volunteers To Stay The Most Sober So He Can Drive Everyone Home.

Dylann: People are skeptical of him because he has a fanny pack strapped to his side. It isn’t holding a gun. Just his own bottle of booze he’s managed to smuggle in. He gets a little drunk but not much.

TJ: Gets the most drunk out of everyone. The alcohol is only feeding his ego and he acts like the most badass person in there even though we all know he’s a subbottom. ;)

Richard: He wasn’t there with the gang when they got there, nobody knows who this guy is but somehow at the end of the night, he’s managed to be in the van when Adam is driving everyone home.

Ted: Is stressed out about schoolwork so much that he decides to work on it at the fucking bar. He drinks to the point where his words are running together and he isn’t making sense on his essay anymore. Starts writing on the bar table without realising it. (Me in real life rn.)

Charles: Dances On Tabletops Drunk Out Of His Mind. Screams Lyrics at the top of his lungs even if it isn’t to the song playing. Is the reason the gang gets kicked out of the bar.

I learn more about life from people who society calls monsters then from people who are considered normal by others.

To be honest learning about Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and being part of the True Crime Community, Is probably the best thing that has ever happen to me.

Group Project: Dissecting A Frog

Eric: Does 99.9% Of The Work

Dylan: Tries to help and has no idea what the fuck is happening (Me irl)

Jeff: Is really into it, to the point it freaks everyone else out

Adam: Is Really Awkward and Notices Eric is doing something wrong but is too Shy To Point It Out

Richard: Shows Up At The Beginning And Disappears Until The Very End

John Wayne Gacy: Nobody Wants Him There But The Teacher Assigned Him To The Group Because Nobody Else Would Let Him Join Their Group

Ted: Is Too Busy Flirting With Other Classmates To Help

TJ : Chases Girls Around With Frog Guts

Dylann: Is So Done With This Bullshit

is anyone interested in being apart of a tc group chat?? i’m looking to make new friends. if interested message me and we will figure something out(: