Felicity Smoak in Season 6

“There are other ways to do good in the world and to fulfill her own personal mission, and going forward, especially in coming seasons, that is something she very much wants to do, and we really want to explore for her. We talk in the writers room a lot about giving Felicity something that is not on the team and has nothing to do with Oliver and is very much her own thing, and that’s something I think we really look forward to in season six.” - Wendy Mericle

“We have a storyline for Felicity in Season 6 that we wanted to do in Season 5 and that fans have been clamoring for.” - Marc Guggenheim

Will Emily be returning as a main next season? Yes. - Marc Guggenheim

“I can confirm.” - Marc Guggenheim

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Electricity, from the How & Why Library, 1960.

A coworker of mine from a few years ago staged a yardsale last week, and amongst which was this excellent book I got for a quarter. As the introduction page tells you, this town had a power outage so Dad gives Brother and Sister a bunch of lessons about electricity plus experiments with batteries; meanwhile Mother couldn’t get any housework done without the power on. But Mother does at some point compare fuses to traffic control cops.


I need help y'all!

So, I now have this new computer (and a larger balance on my credit card 😵) and I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!! I’ve had a MacBook for 5+ years. My new laptop has whatever the newest version of Windows is…. Windows MoeyyProof. So, if anyone has any fun facts or cool tidbits, that would really help. I will be back to writing once I get this contraption going. 😳

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i can't believe ignis saved playmaker while also unintentionally influenced so many people to speed duel which could potentially risk so many lives rn

Two noteworthy points about this:

First, I don’t think we can blame Ignis for this. He unlocked speed dueling and data wind for Playmaker, but he made clear the dangers of it in episode 2. He’s been watching Playmaker for a while now and is aware of how popular he is, so I’m sure he knew they were being watched/recorded. So in a sense, while Ignis was warning Playmaker he was also warning the public at large. If people still want to go out and speed duel, that’s on them.

Second, SOL Technology is supposed to be the entity running Link Vrains, and unless there’s some plot important thing about VR that hasn’t been revealed yet, I think how safe or unsafe Link Vrains is is ultimately on them. Which makes Akira’s move not to shut down Link Vrains for maintenance an incredibly risky and short-sighted move. So if anyone gets hurt while speed dueling, it’s on SOL and Akira’s shoulders.

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AWOIAF mentions that sometimes disgraced westerosi knights make their way to the Basilisk Isles and Sothoryos. What modifications to their armor do you think they would make to deal with the hellish tropical jungles?

Well, probably one of the big ways they did this was a loose, brightly-colored surcoat, which protected the armor from the direct rays of the sun so it heated up less. A loose surcoat also provided a bit of a ventilation effect, as pockets of warm air between the surcoat and the armor move upwards, heated by being between two layers, and this draws slightly cooler air in from the bottom of the surcoat, creating slight motion. Now, certainly, that’s nothing compared to modern air conditioning, but it’s better than exposing the armor or the skin to the direct rays of the sun.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

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