I decided to try styling my hair a little differently than my usual simple style of basically nothing. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, that is so crazy and elaborate!” Hey! At least it’s a new variant, so shush! I will continue to attempt to improve my range of styles, but for now this is all I got.

My LetGirlsLearn Experience

by Karima, Morocco, TG2015

I participated in two exchange programs: TechGirls and LetGirlsLearn and I will say something I’ve always been saying and always will: Exchange programs are golden opportunities; most of the things I learned were from these programs, and for that I‘ll always be grateful.  

LetGirlsLearn is a United States government initiative to ensure adolescent girls get the education they deserve. In this program, 22 Moroccan girls and 22 Liberian girls got the chance to travel to the United States of America and visit the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, in the White House.

Being part of something like this is so important to me and it is considered one the amazing things that has ever happened to me because during this program, I met amazing people like Mrs Obama, the beautiful actresses Meryl Streep and Frieda Pinto, and the talented CNN journalist Isha Sesay. I met 44 beautiful and strong young girls who overcame many obstacles and fought so hard to get the education which is rightfully theirs. I heard their stories, I shared my story with them and I learned that perseverance and resilience are two major elements to be successful and conquer anything.

I love this program because it made me realize something very important which is that girls are still struggling to get education, still working or getting married at an early age instead of sitting in a classroom where they belong. Therefore, looking at myself and what I’ve accomplished so far, everything would mean nothing if I did not use what I have to help other girls around the world.

This program was an amazing opportunity that taught me a lot of things and broadened my way of thinking and seeing things; it made me believe that if you work so hard for something, you will succeed. Something Michelle Obama said, “There is no magical dust, it just takes hard work” will always stick with me.

In addition, I want to say something for all the students, the young, the ambitious, the future leaders: if you want to see the world differently, open your eyes on many cultures and gain so much knowledge, EXCHANGE PROGRAMS is the answer.