[[Android!Stiles and Mechanic!Derek]]

(( Android!Stiles and Mechanic!Derek ))
Stiles couldn’t remember much, he remembered the bright lights and the almost soothing clang of metal. He remembered the odd feeling of first being able to touch something, to feel something. He wasn’t sure how long he had been asleep, of course, but he remembered waking up to more clanging, more sounds of metal. He was staring at bright lights again. Slowly he moved up onto his elbows, looking around at what looked like a garage or basement of some sort. He was surrounded by parts and pieces and all sorts of tools that he didn’t know about. He turned his head, spotting movement over off to the right, “Hello!” He smiled, giving a wave to him before looking down at himself. His chest was open and parts were missing. He couldn’t touch or feel anything anymore, which was strange. He looked down at the metal fingers, tapping them before sighing and wondering what had happened.

Ultimate #giftguide for #nerdyparents and their future-nerd babies

Ultimate gift guide for nerdy parents and their future-nerd babies. Are you looking for gift ideas on what to get those nerdy parents and their offspring? Look here for inspirational gift ideas!


So, since I almost never post on this blog and recently hatched these babies, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a sales post

Here goes:

I’m selling these for 25kt each (except the white/white/maize girl,she’s 30kt) but if anyone thinks they’re worth more I’m not complaining, they’re all tiger/shim/basic. Just send me a CR if you want one, I’m putting them up on the AH tomorrow probably because I need to sleep now. Nevermind they’re on the AH now.

Nocturne Male- Ice/Maize/White

Imp Female- White/White/Maize

Imp Female- Maize/Rose/Platinum

Imp Female- White/Rose/Ice

Nocturne Female- White/Pink/Coral

and here’s a link to my lair because how the heck do you even put links in a tumblr post

oh man, I should rewatch dark angel before heroes reborn comes out to see if the parallels match up as well as I’m thinking