Tech Struggles

Summer Stock: The Musical

Act One:

Song 1: My New Home

Song 2: This Place is Amazing: Holy Crap it’s a Mess

Song 3: About to Begin

Song 4: Tech Week

Song 5: Coffee, My Only Friend

Song 6: Fuck

Song 7: The Afterparty

Song 8: No One Can Shit Talk Like Technicians


Song 9: I Know Their Lines Better Than They Do

Song 10: Off-script

Song 11: Is This Kidney Failure (The Afterparty Reprise)

Song 12: I Just Went There (No One Can Shit Talk Like Technicians Reprise)

Song 13: Just Patch It, It’s Almost Over

Song 14: Act Like a Newsie, Strike!

Song 15: Holy Crap it’s a Mess Reprise

Song 16: My Life Back in a Box

Song 17: One Last Party for the Road

It's been a long tech

SM: *to sound designer* Hey so do you want that cue to go before or after she says her line?

Sound Designer: You mean the cue that turns off her mic?

SM: Yeah that one.

LD: ………..really?

SD: *muttering to himself* gettin too old for this…

*Submitted by  Manatee

You know it’s tech week when

You’re inexplicably coughing up saw dust
You’re running off caffeine pills and a Red Bull
The actors are really getting pissy for you doing your job
The randomest building materials show up in your pockets
It’s the best and worst time of the show period

———————————- Oh my god yes! Ive been finding little pieces of steel on my clothes.Last year during 2 gents I would find nothing but foam. Which reminds me tech week is coming upfor Major Barbra time to stock up on energy drinks.

“Ned?” Peter called as he entered the room with a coffee and a bagel bag tucked under his arm. “You in here buddy?”

“I’ll be down in a minute” His friend’s voice muttered from the eery glow of the computer. Peter tip toed across the dark room, avoiding the lego bricks that covered the floor like a death trap.

“You’ve been in here for three days. What’s going on? Aunt May’s worried about you.” Peter rested his head on his friend’s and scanned the screen. It was some pretty intricate coding that Ned seemed to be trying to hack. Peter narrowed his eyes as he tried to work out why the numbers were so familiar. “Is that… F.R.I.D.A.Y?”

“Hmm… maybe.” His friend mumbled as he made a grab for the bagel bag with one hand. His fingers flying over the keyboard. “If I crack this Stark owes me money and my own super suit.” 

“What?!” Peter leapt back in surprise. What on earth was his dad doing? “Dad’s paying you money to hack into his system?” 

“That’s what I said. Testing his defences against another Ultron attack. Almost there…” Peter was good with tech but he was struggling to keep up with the speed at which Ned was decrypting the software in front of him. It had been years since Ultron. Why were Avengers worried now? “Got it!!” Ned spun his chair round so fast he almost knocked Peter off his feet. The screen flashed a couple of times before F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice echoed around the small apartment. 

“Welcome. Ned Leeds. Official Avenger’s man in the chair.” Ned squealed and hugged Peter so tight he could hardly breathe. Peter didn’t mind one bit. 

anonymous asked:

voltron (maybe klance-y??) coffee shop au please ^-^


1. Allura owns the coffee shop of course, and Coran is her second-in-command/accountant.

2. Shiro is the manager, he’s working there to support his girlfriend (Allura of course) whilst he recovers from a car accident which caused him to lose his arm. Hunk and Lance work there part time. Hunk is excellent at making all manner of pastries, both low-cal, full-fat goodness and things like gluten free and vegan! It’s his dream to own his own bakery one day. Lance is working part time to help pay his way through university- he wants to work in tech but is struggling to find a “thing” he’s best at, he’s yet to find that “spark”. But he makes a MEAN latte.

3. Pidge is Lance’s surrogate sibling. Their families have always been super close so they hang out at the coffee shop after school a lot, waiting for Lance’s shift to end to go hang out. In that time Pidge often tinkers with the ordering systems, computers etc, to make things run more smoothly. Shiro adores her as a result.

4. Keith is an artist, who goes to the same university as Lance/Hunk. He’s well known on campus for being a quiet guy, who keeps to himself, but his works of art (abstract art usually  focusing on a space-type theme) are so stunning they take your breath away. Lance is insanely jealous of the amount of attention he gets from boys and girls (but can’t help admire Keith’s art himself like damn son).

5. Keith, being friends  with Shiro, is encouraged to start selling his pieces in the coffee shop. As a result he spends more time there and, though their relationship is frosty at first, Lance starts to see that Keith is actually a pretty cool guy. He even complimented Lance’s coffee art!!! That was…nice.


Lance is secretly working up the courage to draw a heart in Keith’s coffee art/on his to go cup. Hunk has been nagging him to do so for months. Keith doesn’t like coffee but keeps ordering it anyway.