Sixteen years ago, a Seattle-based company said it planned to move its headquarters to the city that would make it the best deal.

The company was Boeing and it ultimately chose Chicago over finalists Dallas and Denver.

Now, another Seattle company, Amazon, wants to open a second headquarterselsewhere in North America. This time, Denver’s leaders are determined to avoid a repeat of the experience with Boeing.

At stake: As many as 50,000 high-paying jobs and billions of dollars’ worth of investment in the already fast-growing region.

Denver Failed To Land Boeing. Now It’s Using Lifestyle To Woo Amazon

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The sheer amount of Lorde remixes was astounding after the release of Melodrama, and there seems to be no sign of a slow down, either. It makes sense, considering how much more energetic and dance ready the songs are off of Lorde’s sophomore album. Australian duo ODD MOB recently offered up a sumptuous remix of Lorde’s Perfect Places, too. While so many of the Lorde edits we’ve heard lately subscribe to the ever pervasive trap and bass trend of late, ODD MOB has chosen spice up Lorde with a face melting house remix. A steely future edge and plenteous tech house jabs give their exhilarating edit an edgy fresh veneer that helps to drives us towards blissful delirium. We truly find ourselves in a perfect place…

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Impakt: One-Click Ethical Shopper
The Impakt Browser Extension uses public data and news articles to align your spending with your values – everywhere you shop online.

Really awesome kickstarter campaign.
They’re trying to build an A.I. that monitors companies ethical habits (e.g. effects on the environment, hiring practices, etc.)

This will power a browser plugin for chrome and firefox so that anytime you do online shopping - and a TON of money is spent on ecommerce - you can find out about the practices of the company before giving them your business. (Apparently the app will also offer you suggestions from companies that are closer in line with your customizable ethical priorities.)

If you got a few bucks to spare, this seems like a great project to fund with the potential for a huge, positive effect on the ethics of the economy.

As of this moment, they have 19k of their 30k goal.

anonymous asked:

What about science fascinates you the most?

wow, good question anon. Don’t think I can pick just one thing, but here are a few:

1. I was raised super religious, but studying science helped lead me to where I am now (which is atheist). Not preaching to destroy religion here, but for me, it was a really positive change in my life. Things finally made sense! I love that science provides clarity and answers, especially considering how humanity used to see the world before science took off.

2. There are so many problems in the world, and so many utopian dreams of how the world could be. These are even ancient desires, like tackling illness and death itself, food security, ease of living, etc. Not to mention even far off dreams like going to space, flying, etc. And with science, we’ve done so much of this and have the chance to achieve them all and more. Maybe we can fix this planet and live in a utopia. If we can, it’s gonna be science which takes us there.

3. It’s innovative! I love new ideas, new ways of thinking and seeing the world. (I work at a science center, and I love seeing kids’ minds explode when I explain how we evolved from fish, or that we might be able to stretch our lifespan to 200 years, etc.) Science is the most innovative endeavor, and it’s rooted in reality. When the regular news is too depressing to read (which is all the time, lately), I can always find something inspiring in the latest science news.

Thanks anon =]


BLEEDING Subscribers

Our Nintendo Switch has a mysteriously dislodged joystick on the left side, making it unusable. It was sitting on a table, untouched and perfectly safe. I played it for a minute just fine and then suddenly I wasn’t able to move my character. I can’t click the joystick down at all or move left or right. I’m not rough with it at all, actually I’ve been extremely careful while playing it because it seemed so fragile.

I realize I have to buy a new controller, but A SINGLE new joycon costs $50 for ONE. $80 for a new pair. That is outrageous! Seriously, f*** this game system. I can’t find any tutorials on how to repair it myself. I don’t even know what’s wrong or what happened.

If anybody knows how to possibly repair this, please let me know. I am so freaking sick of all of this bad luck lately… nothing can go right.