Super Adorable 3D Printed Pokémon Planters

Artysaurus’ owner Tony is a collector of toys and Toy-To-Life figures who is a model maker, passionate fan of Marvel & DC Super Heroes, as well as all things Star Wars. The self-professed “nerd” loves all geeky things!

When Pokémon Go took the world by storm he opened his store in early July. Created in Autodesk programs and processed with a 3D printer, each iconic figure comes in a range of quirky and soothing colors. He promises that more Pokémon characters will be featured soon, as well as sidekicks from Super Mario Bros. Find each figure in his Etsy shop.

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It turns out the Romans loved to shop as much as we do. They had recently perfected the art of cement making and decided to put their new skill to some immediate use by building an obscenely big (for its time) shopping complex. Trajan’s Market featured more than 150 different rooms among four different levels, including countless stores, storage rooms, and “public assistance” offices – we’re now imagining mall law offices owned by cheap Lionel Hutz-caliber lawyers.

At Trajan’s Market, Romans could buy silver, gold, textiles, clothing, decorations, soaps, cosmetics, and, of course, food to stuff their faces with: There were all sorts of eateries, lounges, taverns, and probably an Orange Julius. Having trouble imagining what an ancient fast food joint looked like? Well, there’s one in the ruins of Pompeii, and it’s basically an Iron Age McDonald’s.

Food or drink would be served in the holes on the counter you see up there. This wasn’t just a Pompeii thing, since archeological studies have found that Romans, in general, loved to eat on the go – they lived in tiny quarters with no space for a stove, so they’d just buy takeout food from any of the “numerous fast food restaurants” across the empire.

7 Modern Conveniences That Are Way Older Than You Think


Observe the Heart · 观心

Performance from Shi Weili presents the artist in meditative state, illustrated with realtime projected visuals read from an EEG headset:

If you ask a Zen master how to meditate, he might answer you, “Observe the heart.” But the heart is so abstract to imagine, not even to mention observation. Observe the Heart is an artistic attempt to represent the meditator’s mental state, generating visuals and sounds based on realtime brainwave input. The generative visuals are projected back onto the meditator, transforming the introspective meditation into an observable performance, in a sense.

There is more to tell about the concept. While third-party audiences can watch and hear one’s meditation, the meditator themselves couldn’t experience the generative contents in real time (given that they close their eyes during the meditation, and may even wear earplugs to block the sound). It is then questionable who is this meditation for. Moreover, the meditator will nonetheless be curious about how their meditation looks and sounds like, and this mental activity will be captured by the brainwave sensor and be reflected by the generative output. Therefore, it could make it even harder for the meditator to really “observe the heart”.

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‘Mr. Robot’ finally revealed where the monopoly mask came from

Mr. Robot’s second season has kept a familiar theme in its precredits sequences: flashbacks. The two-hour premiere showed its audience Elliot and Tyrell Wellick perpetrating the fsociety hack; the third episode offered context for the hacktivist group’s headquarters. Now, we finally know where fsociety’s Monopoly mask came from.

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

For the ultimate listening experience, Bang & Olufsen designed Beoplay H5, wireless earphones that deliver great sound quality. Those of you leading an active life and that are constantly on the go will be especially excited with these high-quality headphones without the wires.


Nest Cam | Outdoor Smartphone-Linked Security Camera

The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera brings us technological innovations and increased safety in a way that has never been seen before. Compact with HD playback and an all-weather design that notifies you about trouble immediately is exactly what the Nest Cam brings to the table.


Beautiful Laptop & Keyboard Stickers Inspired by Classical Art

Polish design studio Keyshorts creates amazingly beautiful and high quality decal keyboard tickets, laptop trackpad decals and skins for your phone, laptop and tablet. Inspired by classical art, including Van Gogh’s Starry Night, The Great Wave and Monet’s Water Lilies, each piece is stunning, durable and easy to apply.

Designed with passion and a great eye, they leave to permanent residues, since each decal is made of durable vinyl to protect your keyboard. Among their fine art collection are floral patterns, cosmic prints, gradients and steampunk designs. Find their large selection in their Etsy shop.

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