Teaser 9400

if the albums go according to dot, then that means W is about Jungkook and Rapmon, I about Jimin and Suga, N about Tae and Jhope, and G about Jin and probably the entire group.

If that’s really the case then I would have to make the hardest decision of my life  as I don’t have enough money to buy all 4 T_T


(160928) shinee.1of1 — shinee’s pick!「how is this song?」’invisible umbrella (don’t let me go)’ from onew
onew: hello. this is shinee’s soft and squishy onew! there’s a song called invisible umbrella that i would like for you all to listen to. if you carry an invisible/translucent umbrella when it rains, watching the rain drops fall (from beneath it) can be emotional, right? just like this invisible umbrella, it is a cozy lyrical song with pretty melody and lyrics. on rainy days, i too, like the atmosphere and the smell of it. i’ll let you listen to invisible umbrella and expect that you will too fall for the song’s charm as well as the charm of a rainy day.

Imagine fanboy!Woozi trying to calm himself down after watching the comeback teaser for his favorite artist.