Alright so let me tell you about a game about paper

No actually the game’s about you (this is a long post i apologize)

Because there’s a messenger, Iota

or Atoi if you prefer, 

with a message for you 

You’re a character in this game. A world made entirely of paper that you literally hold in your hands

And you’re just trying to get your messenger, and the message, close enough to reach you. 

The game was designed for you to be able to create and touch Iota and his world. 

You can make things out of paper

and use them to decorate your messenger 

that’s not Iota that’s a pig 

that’s iota

i made him look upset

thats a pig again but he wit it now 

Iota and Atoi also come with their own cameras. You can use them to take pictures inside the game

I took too many to count. 

And you can take selfies

I turned him into Vash. 

There are even different lenses and filters you can unlock for your camera

Because this is a paper world in your hands, you can do things like poke your fingers through to help Iota

And more that I don’t want to spoil. 

As someone who plays a lot of platformers, and a lot of games in general, 

Tearaway sings.