why do models need to be tall? like some people have amazing facial bone structure and graceful necks and small models are actually a good thing since lots of people around the world could easily visualize themselves wearing those rad clothing when they see the models and designers would have to use less amount of fabric to make their outfits and what i’m saying is that i’m short and gorgeous and i should be a model

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I'm so confused. Everyone keeps talking about seeing like episode 54 of a homestuck anime! I haven't been able to see one episode! Could you clear some things up for me?

Homestuck as an anime doesn’t yet exist. I am sorry.

 It’s been a running joke for something like 2 or 3 years now, instigated by somebody who said something along the lines of “Homestuck fans are so ambitious in terms of fan art, they’ll create their own anime series this hiatus!” (to my understanding). And this led to a lot of people going along with the joke, including making some pretty convincing and appealing fake screen caps and gifs of Homestuck scenes in anime style. People pretended it was a real thing to troll others.

The joke was kind of cruel, but the idea was also really appealing. So a few groups/individuals have tried their hand at actually making an anime to go with the joke, ourselves being one of them. 

The only other group I know of that’s got much support is Team Frong, which is, I believe, the “original group” making an anime for Homestuck. However, they’re a one-episode deal, etc. Our group is working from Act 1 and onwards as far as we can, depending on the amount of support we get in the future. Most of the other groups seem to have kind of retired, gotten frustrated and given up, or I think at least one was told to stop because they weren’t really following copyright laws.

Anyways! tl;dr: There is no Homestuck anime. Yet.

And we’d welcome anybody who wants to help us out with taking this joke a little too far. ;) 

- Mod KK


[The Dark Knight Meets The Man of Steel]

   As announced yesterday at Comic Con by Warner Bros: Production is scheduled to commence in 2014 for a live action “World’s Finest” movie, & Is set for a 2015 release. The film will act as a sequel to the very successful Man of Steel movie, & Will be centered around a Batman, & Superman superhero team up. This is what I imagine their meet up being like. 

   This is heaven for the avid comic book reader. I can’t wait!