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(new to comics) I wanna read Daredevil, specifically Mark Waid's run but do you think there are any comics I should read before getting into his run

waid’s run is a v good starting point for readers who are just getting into daredevil. ive read a lot of dd comics but tbh waid’s has always been my fave

here’s a masterpost of all the available dd comics if you’re looking for more  👌🏼

The Let’s-Kick-Rip-Hunters-Ass-for-Sara-Squad

half lover, half demon aka your biggest nightmare - Ra’s al Ghul - Nyssa Raatko 

half villain, half sister aka no mercy - Black Siren - Laurel Lance, Earth 2 

half alien, half hero aka invincible - Supergirl - Kara Danvers/Zor-El

matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’
Highlights from Firebringer
  • duck is lord 
  • sexuality and female empowerment being treated as a given, instead of being ignored or poorly represented as much of popular media currently does
  • the whole cast swearing like sailors 
  • the music (hello, percussion!), choreography, and costume/set/puppet design 
  • “all hail emberly, the fire shitter”
  • Brian Holden’s lone nipple 
  • the new cast members: Lauren Walker (Molag) being absolutely hilarious & having an amazing stage presence; Jamie Burns (Chorn) having the voice of a goddess; and Tiffany Williams (Tiblyn) being the cutest human being ever
  • shameless kissing 
  • “i don’t really want to do any work today” - same, Zazzalil, same
  • clark baxtresser blessing us with his presence since prehistoric times
  • rachael spanking joey
  • the shadowpuppets during “the night belongs to snarl”
  • schwoopsie inventing stand-up comedy 
  • privileged fucks becoming the starkid slogan of 2k17