Our in-game medals are now in TF2! 

The Jungle Inferno update has arrived for Team Fortress 2, and with that update arrives our in-game medals!  For those who have donated and qualified for an in-game medal of the three available tiers, we will be passing the medals out right away once the game coordinator stabilizes.

Thank you to everybody who donated to Tip of the Hats! With over $172,000 raised for Camp One Step, over 172 children diagnosed with cancer were able to go to summer camp to receive their treatment while not being denied of the joys of childhood. 


Introducing a new weapon based on the recent short Jungle Inferno we have a melee weapon for Heavy: Scout!

This weapon is really useful for those matches where that one Scout in your team is just f***ing useless. When they’re on your hands, you can decide what to do with them (preferably fight another Scout) without their consent! Isn’t that what makes the game fun?


+200% more damage.

+100% faster swing speed.

-You need a Scout in your team to use it.

-Every time you hit someone or something the Scout loses HP until he dies.