"When I was 17 I lived with Chi and Chino in a one bedroom apartment. With Chi I learned so much about life: cooking, reading, writing, playing music, drinking, drugs, hiking, camping, playing chess, playing pranks, grocery shopping, shaving, how to make fun of yourself, how to drive, how not to drive, how to talk to girls, how not to talk to girls. I did not learn how to clean anything. I’ve missed him for a long time and it’s a relief that he’s free. Maybe the most important thing I learned from him is not to take the people in my life for granted.

Much love to the Cheng clan, especially Gabriel.”

-Todd Wilkinson From Team Sleep.


Jason has kind of lacked for healthy relationships his entire life. From his drug peddling dad and his addict mom and letter his — let’s be honest — myopic father figure Bruce… its not like he’s had a lot of experience actually interacting with people who genuinely like him. I think that was what was most surprising to Jason when he first started bonding with Kori and Roy — that they accepted him warts and all, his sense of humor, his need for space that was always competing with a need for intimacy.