Luke Holland, The Word Alive
Norwich Waterfront, 14th May 2013
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My Top Favorites - 5 Favorite Metalcore Bands

Number 3: The Word Alive

TWA is a band that I think deserves a lot more recognition than they’re getting currently. Not only do they have lyrics that are inspiringly honest to match their already real, relaxed offstage personas, but they’re also legitimately talented. Guitar work is among some of the most inventive, complex, and blazingly fast in modern metal (not just metalcore), and the bass keeps up right along. There’s no shortcuts taken by the members here; they’re all just good at what they do. With the recent acquisition of YouTube drumming sensation, Luke Holland, to replace former drummer, Justin Salinas, the band has gained a larger fanbase and continues to grow more and more every day. With two solid LP’s and an awesome EP under their belts, The Word Alive is worthy of a listen by ANYONE interested in metal. 


New song preview! What do you guys think of “Entirety” ?