the best thing about this whole dang dress fiasco is the starkids reaction to it


#TTONYC update

jaimeleibovitz: Speed run and get your tickets to Trail To Oregon in NYC next week!
teamstarkid: We’re on the trail!
jaimeleibovitz: There he stands, a beacon of hope and love and dancin! #TTONYC Heeeereeee weeee comeeee!!
jaimeleibovitz: The Wago-10,000! #TTONYC
slowpez8: Just some friends talkin’ about fresh nugz. #TTONYC
slowpez8: We are ready now! Jaime’s first plane ride! We are going to Oregon by way of New Ohio! #TTONYC
jaimeleibovitz: The boys are back in town! #TTONYC Actually they never left. We’re the ones who are back in town!
slowpez8: Uh oh look who’s here!!! Feels like we should be in a HOB, right guys?! Hahahahaha RIGHT?!#TTONYC
slowpez8: Band rehearsal (in the 70s). #TTONYC
slowpez8: Prepping for the trail! I hate this caption but I’m too tired to change it. My legs have never been hairier. #TTONYC


#TTONYC update: It’S TONIGHT!!!1
slowpez8: Can’t wait to open #TTONYC tonight! But first let’s finish this cue-to-cue! My breakfast was some chocolate frosting off a donut! Still haven’t shaved my legs and I can feel the wind whipping through my leg hairs! Chipotle for lunch?! Help me please!
jaimeleibovitz: It’s the day of the show, ya’ll! It’s also the day of the lord for all those religions that celebrate Tuesdays… #TTONYC
slowpez8: Starting our final (and only) dress run! I (along with my leg hairs) am ready to go! I hate this caption too, I need to get better at this. Starting tomorrow!
slowpez8: Glamour Shots™
slowpez8: Hot hot hot!!!! XXX NSFW. @claark
jaimeleibovitz: Pay no attention to the me behind the curtain #TTONYC


TTONYC rehearsals report: Day One

@slowpez8: “First day of #TTONYC rehearsal!!! We are reviewing some choreo from the vid and it feels bizaaaaaaaaare”
@slowpez8: “Perfecting our #craft. #TTONYC”
@jaimeleibovitz: “We’re back on the wagon and shaky as ever! 10 days left and we’ve only JUST begun… #TTO”

@therealteamstarkid: “We asked @slowpez8 to please wake up and rehearse but she refused.